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Nulite New Energy - Leading the Green and Low Carbon Life Trend!

Nulite New Energy - Leading the Green and Low Carbon Life Trend!


 In recent years,many countries around the world have launched carbon-neutral policies. Optimizing energy structure and exploring sustainable resources development are the future trends. Clean energy is constantly being integrated into households solution. The heat pump is known as "one of the best clean energy sources", taking into account people's requirements for a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable home environment, and will become the choice of more families who embrace forward-looking concepts.


Nulite New Energy Heat Pump company, developing face to the world that is not just a simple product combination, but a 1+1>2 green heating solution.First, a small amount of electricity is used as the driving force, and the compressor circulates to do work, and the air heat energy from ambient (that is, air-source) is absorbed in, and then the free heat energy is heated and compressed, compressed into high-temperature heat energy, and the high-temperature heat energy is transferred to the cold water in the water tank through "heat exchange" to increase the temperature of the cold water , and then transfer hot water to the room, and finally use floor heating, fan coil units, radiators and other heating terminals to heat the home, helping home users become loyal practitioners of the green zero-carbon concept, leading the realization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and mutual prosperity and symbiosis.


Especially face to the current energy crisis in Europe, the air source heat pump unit not only solves the problem of electricity consumption and heating efficiency, but also gets rid of the family's dependence on natural gas, minimizes energy loss, improves energy utilization efficiency, and fundamentally changes Changing the way the world uses electricity and driving the adoption of renewable energy.