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Nulite air source for household use with combined heating and cooling, economical and practical, high comfort


In the past, the heating equipment commonly used in homes was generally central air-conditioning, which had the advantages of cooling and heating, easy to use, and capable of achieving temperature control in a single room. But those who have used it know that there are many shortcomings of central air conditioning, such as low comfort, easy to get "air conditioning disease" after blowing for a long time, poor heating effect, and high power consumption. Therefore, in recent years, with the rise of "coal-to-electricity" projects, more and more families have begun to choose air and energy dual supply.


So what exactly is the dual supply of air energy? What are its advantages? Next, the editor invites the staff of Nulite Air Source, a well-known brand of air source in my country, to introduce the advantages of air energy dual supply.

According to the staff, the air source heat pump is a device that only needs a small amount of electricity to drive the heat pump and absorb the free heat energy in the air to produce heat. The air source heat pump has a wide range of applications, including hot water, heating, cooling, and drying. A set of air source heat pump can integrate multiple functions, such as heating + hot water, heating + refrigeration, heating + cooling + hot water at the same time, an air source heat pump with two functions is called air energy dual supply.
Because of the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, etc., although the dual supply of air energy is not well-known in the south, it has become the preferred equipment for "coal to electricity" in the north. For example, a few days ago, Nulite CBZ series air source combined cooling and heating won the bid for the "Coal to Electricity" project in Anxin County, Xiong'an New District, Hebei Province, to provide cooling and heating services for local residents.

CBZ series air source heating and cooling is a combined heating and cooling heat pump launched by Nulite in 2018. The heat pump incorporates 38 Nulite patented technologies and has five comprehensive upgrades-all-round silent operation: using DC inverter fans + three-dimensional Wind wheel, the noise is as low as 35DB(A); fully integrated ultra-thin design: has a 370MM ultra-thin body, covers an area of only 0.35 square meters, easier to install, and the effect after installation is simple and beautiful; full-effect cooling and heating enjoyment: dual use of cooling and heating , Can be matched with floor heating pipes, radiators, wall-mounted fan coils, vertical fan coils, dedicated floor heaters, etc.; full DC frequency conversion: Mitsubishi stepless DC frequency conversion compressor + Panasonic brushless DC frequency conversion fan, higher energy efficiency; comprehensive Performance improvement: Although small in size, it can still run stably at -30°C, providing heating for the family.

In addition to the good performance of the product, the comfort level of the Nulite air source is also very high. The end of Nulite CBZ series air source can be grounded heating, radiator, fan coil. In summer, use the fan coil for cooling, and the cold wind blows out from the top of the room like an air conditioner to quickly cool the room; in winter, use floor heating, and the heat rises slowly from bottom to top, and the room heats up evenly. Head cooling is more in line with human physiological perception, and human body comfort will be higher.

In terms of the cost that users are most concerned about, CBZ series air source has a built-in DC frequency conversion system for heating and cooling. It can investigate the operating frequency according to the external environment and use it more energy-saving. According to Nulite statistics, residents of Fangshan, Beijing use nULITE air-energy heat pumps to heat their 80-square-meter homes, using 3,737 kWh of electricity in one winter (120 days). Calculated at 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity, only 1,800 yuan heating costs per winter, which is cheaper than burning coal.