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now there’s a pepsi max shortage! as co2 gas crisis pushes up price of fizzy drinks

by:NULITE     2019-08-16
It looks like Pepsi may be the next victim of a shortage of carbon dioxide supplies.
According to my supermarket, supermarket stocks have been low and prices have risen by 8 percentage points in the past month. CO2 -
Or carbon dioxide.
Is the gas used to inject soft drinks, give them bubbles, make them bubble like Pepsi and Coca Cola, and beer like ececarlsberg and Heineken.
The price comparison website for monitoring supermarket inventory reported that the number of Pepsi Max out of stock for Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury was from mid-
Compared to close to zero a month earlier, June.
Morrisons is currently not in 1 home.
According to the grocery store owner, the 5-liter bottles of Whiterose and Sainsbury were out of stock earlier this week.
The price of Pepsi has also risen, and now the average price of a 2-liter Pepsi is 1. 55, up 11.
According to MySupermarket, it is 5 percentage points higher than last month. An eight-
Now a pack of 330 ml cans.
Average 60, up 5.
8 percentage points higher than before the carbon dioxide crisis.
European carbon dioxide supplies have been at a low level due to unplanned ammonia plant closures.
Despite the reopening of some of them, the Food and Beverage Federation has warned that shoppers may experience a \"sustained impact\" due to how long the disruption lasted \".
A spokesman for Britvic said: \"The closure of several carbon dioxide production bases in northern Europe has affected the supply of the UK and Ireland, including the supply of many food and beverage enterprises.
\"We have been working closely with existing CO2 suppliers to minimize disruption and to obtain alternative sources of supply.
\"All our factories have been open and have been open, and we continue to work with our customers to ensure supply continuity for all brands including Pepsi MAX.
\"A shortage of natural gas can also lead to a shortage of fresh chicken supplies as it is used for slaughtering and packaging processes.
It even forced Warburton to stop baking cookies at two of its four bakeries. Coca-
Last month, Coca-Cola also \"suspended some production lines\" as the giant joined the latest blow to the UK\'s carbon dioxide shortage.
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