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‘no rhyme or reason’ why some things burned, others didn’t in rock creek fire

by:NULITE     2019-08-28
Despite being surrounded by green alfalfa fields, the remains of Ian and BEF Smith\'s ranch homes are complete.
An irrigation pipe blocks the steps leading to the top of the Hill home where they used to overlook the Kettle River.
Through the driveway, an empty heat
The pool was surrounded by fire.
There are withered evergreen shrubs on one side and green on the other.
On the hillside, on the edge of an alfalfa ground, lay the remains of the Smith pump house, which exploded at such a fierce speed that part of the roof fell 10 metres away.
However, what is not exposed in the field is a large roll of plastic irrigation pipes.
The house itself has only the walls of the chimney and basement, surrounded by a thick layer of ash, mixed with metal, porcelain and other fire crumbs.
Smith\'s house is next to Highway 33, just north of Area B in the South. C.
The town is one of the destroyed houses. C.
The wildfire service allows media to be seen on a short tour guide on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, District of koootenay-
The border lifted evacuation orders from the highway corridor, but only allowed local residents with identity to enter the area.
This is the last area under the evacuation order.
The damage caused by the fire was shocking.
Some houses were destroyed.
The others next to it were unscathed, although the vehicles in the yard were burned.
In an open field, a horse trailer lies twisted and crumpled.
In the Kettle River Provincial Park, dozens of vehicles that campers rushed to give up in a fire on Thursday afternoon were still intact.
But just outside the gate, on the side of the road, in order not to pay for the daily parking fee, the two owners parked there are now just burnt shells.
In Zamora, a house surrounded by brown fields still stands.
But elsewhere, the destruction is complete, and now the house has become ruins, twisted metal.
Glen Burgess in Area BC.
The commander of the wildfire service accident in the Rock Creek fire said some houses were spared because they were surrounded by green plants.
But others may have dry pine needles under the eaves, and there is little protection if the spark drops.
Burgess said that the Rock Creek fire was so fierce and hot that the burning fire was blown up 500 away.
As a result, the new Fire came out in front of the fire line. ]
\"Depending on the type of fuel at home and around, some of them are predictable,\" Burgess said . \".
\"However, other parts of it, whether you believe it or not, cannot be explained.
It\'s just that there\'s no rhyme, and there\'s no reason why one will leave and why one won\'t.
\"From one end of the closed section of Highway 33 to the other, a lot of repairs are being done.
Almost all the water and electricity were burned within 15 kilometers.
At least a dozen hydropower crew members are putting wires between the newly erected poles.
It is not too early for many residents, including a group on the east side of the river that has never left their homes.
They still face days without power.
Firefighters have made some small gains, including a fire of 4,260 hectares that has now reached 25-per-
According to fire information officer Mike McCully, cents are included.
But it\'s still a very dangerous fire that could get out of control.
\"It is still an active fire zone and can be turned at any time as the wind direction changes,\" he said . \".
Residents who did not evacuate during the media tour, except once at Zamora Manor, journalists were not allowed to get off the bus.
However, residents whose houses were destroyed received private tours on Monday.
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