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No change in Ottawa: social entrepreneurs

by:NULITE     2019-09-21
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Still, the federal free government has not changed the way it thinks about dealing with the First Nations, trying to get their social entrepreneurs with economic growth to say.
Last week, Canada\'s Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAC)
Pulled a $8 plug.
The million geothermal project will create jobs and reduce energy bills in Waywayseecappo First Nations in western Manitoba.
\"It seems like every time we try to save money and create jobs, they cut us off,\" Waywayseecappo chief Murray Clearsky said on Friday . \".
Waywayseecappo is ready to work with social enterprise Aki Energy to transform the house there with a geothermal system when it is learned that the project was canceled on Thursday.
\"The department will not consider implementing any new geothermal projects through the revenue assistance program,\" the federal government said in an email to Aki Energy . \".
Social enterprises cooperate with the first nations to set up green enterprises in their communities, create jobs and develop their economies.
So far, Aki has been involved in the renovation of 350 houses in the four First Nations --
Peggs, Fisher River, Changping and sagakon-
The geothermal system reduces heating costs by 40.
Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source that is especially suitable for home use.
These systems transmit heat energy between the ground and the building by using a geothermal heat pump.
Manitoba Hydro and the province have been very supportive and the First Nations are keen to get involved, says Sean Looney, who has helped find Aki Energy and seven other social businesses.
\"When we ask the federal government to support something that can save money, we can\'t get them in,\" Loney said . \".
\"Our cooperation agreement with Waywayseecappo is $8.
Million Investment
All of this is to be recovered from utilities.
Bill went down, \"he said.
\"There is no cost to Geothermal Engineering (INAC)
Anything, \"said Lonnie.
\"The first country of Waywayseecappo proposed a geography
As part of the pilot project, the hot project needs to finance the loan in accordance with the department\'s income assistance program.
\"Officials are seeking whether the project can be funded through other areas of the department,\" the Canadian Department of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs said in a statement on Monday . \".
On 2014, Manitoba Hydro announced a payment for use (Pay according to your deposit)
Work with Aki Energy and extend the project to First Nations in Manitoba.
Hydro is committed to investing $19 million in the project.
The provincial government announced additional funding last fall to allow Aki Energy to launch consulting and Community Services
Participate in the service in order to select and train managers and installers in both First Nations and hope to start work during the 2016 construction season.
Waywayseecappo, 322 west of Winnipeg, is one of them.
His community has an unemployment rate of 1,400.
As the project expands to other communities, the geothermal program will create decent jobs for at least six residents, Clearsky said.
\"People can save money on electricity bills,\" said the head of the first country where most families use electric heating.
\"We can save money through (the technology)
Other communities in our area, but they don\'t want to do that anymore.
\"With the new government, we haven\'t seen any results yet.
We \'ve got the promise of the world, but we haven\'t seen anything yet . \"carol.
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