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new york skyscrapers adapt to climate change

by:NULITE     2019-08-29
New York -
Full with the Sky
If more luxury towers were to be built, another skyscraper in Manhattan would not normally be notable.
But America\'s copper building on the East River
A complex of two towers with 764 apartments, panoramic views and huge entrance hall with doormanis different.
Planning to hit New York in October 2012 after Hurricane Sandy
A wake-up call for the growing impact of climate change
Its design takes into account new threats, reflecting how the real estate world has evolved to cope with global warming, in stark contrast to President Donald Trump\'s move to reduce environmental protection.
The massive storm killed more than 40 people in New York, paralyzing the American financial capital for several days.
JDS, which developed copper buildings in the United States, bought land for the project at about the same time.
\"The whole thing is a lake and we can visit the site in a canoe,\" said Simon Coster, head of the company . \".
\"We know something similar will happen again,\" he added . \".
\"So we said, \'How can we make sure we don\'t face this if we live here?
So we relieved the designers.
\"One of the main innovations in survival is to ensure that residents get power for as long as possible in the event of a power outage in the city.
Instead of planning a luxurious penthouse on the top floor, the architects have reserved space for the large natural landscape
In the event of a power failure, a gas generator designed to keep critical equipment running.
While the machines are located in \"the most valuable property in the building,\" Koster says, it makes all the other units more valuable.
\"We will have more of these activities, just strategic and intelligent in how you prepare for them,\" said architect Greg Pascalli . \".
\"If we\'re out of power, if you can go up and down in the elevator and your fridge works, you have a socket to charge your phone,\" he added: \"You could probably survive a week in New York. \".
Two power outlets in each kitchen
For refrigerators-
Connect to the back-
A circuit powered by a generator.
This means that the smartphone can be charged during the fault.
Traditionally, heating, ventilation and large electrical equipment have been installed on the first floor, 7 metres above the street to minimize the risk of flooding.
The main entrance hall is large and simple. Steel columns and floor tiles are used outside. Wood-
The paneled walls warm the atmosphere
But in the case of a flood, the open side panel can dry easily without damage.
The cheapest studio in the building will be rented from $3,000 a month, and in addition to the more flat bonus for flood fighting, it also includes a luxury allowance for access to the pool and huge terrace with views of the Empire State Building.
Vermont president Alex Wilson says embracing resilience New York prefers resilient buildings more than most cities across the country, as its overpriced property pushes financial risks higher
Flexible design institute specializing in such problems.
In addition to electricity, architects have come up with ways to provide drinking water --
Now on the lower floor everyone has to use the accessibility tap
And maintain a reasonable temperature.
In the event of a power outage in the summer, \"many apartments have very thick glass and will become suitable for living,\" Wilson said . \".
The city is identifying the most vulnerable existing buildings for renovation.
However, when building a new project, the obstacles to rebuilding the old structure are greater than the ability to integrate flood control, such as copper buildings
So is the cost-Wilson said.
Politics may also hinder.
The Trump administration plans to cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency, which may affect the collection of data to assess weak infrastructure.
\"If the government stops collecting data on flood vulnerability, heat waves, then it will be more difficult for the design and development community to incorporate changes in the design,\" Wilson said . \".
Still, he is optimistic that the government is refusing to study the effects of climate change scientifically.
\"The private sector is very aware of this, and the insurance industry is becoming more aware of it, and these industries will continue to drive the progress of resilience.
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