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new jersey fire kills 20 horses

by:NULITE     2019-08-23
World record-
Keep the Walker Cam most clear, runner-
Of the 20 standard horses killed in a barn fire in central New Jersey, 1998 small brown cans.
Authorities say the fire was under investigation Thursday night.
The arson unit at the Monmouth County prosecutor\'s office is one of the investigation agencies.
Timothy Hundertpfund, general manager of Gaitway Farm, believes that investigators will determine that the fire was caused by a portable diving water heater. One of the 2-to 3-
The foot electric coil was found on the spot.
\"They must have put it in a bucket of water,\" he said . \"
\"The water has evaporated, and the rest is history.
\"The hot news center zone climate change documentary Trump\'s derogatory tweet David Ortiz was discharged from Moscow to protest that the farm banned the devices after a small fire three years ago.
\"The farm is not allowed to do this, but it is not possible to regulate everything,\" he said . \".
At about 10: 30, Jeff Webster, the passing driver, saw the flame. m.
Webster raised horses at the Show Place Farm near the millstone and ran into the burning barn.
He ran a horse out of the stable and was caught unscathed.
But it was too hot for Webster to rescue others.
\"It\'s the worst feeling I \'ve ever had,\" Webster said . \".
\"This is the worst thing I \'ve ever experienced in my life.
Police Chief John G said: \"All the other horses in the barn were killed. McCormack.
\"It was burned,\" he said . \"
\"There is nothing standing.
His officer told him that the horse was in pain.
\"It\'s a terrible voice.
\"They screamed and screamed at everything, but the heat was so strong that they couldn\'t get to the door,\" McCormack said . \".
Although the temperature is below freezing, firefighters can only approach 40 yards, he said.
Investigators left the scene at about 2 p. m. Friday. A half-
An hour later, ahead.
The final loader was used to dig the body out of mud and Ashes and put it into the truck for processing.
Genevieve Sullivan says it seems to be one of the worst barn fires ever. S.
Running Association
\"This doesn\'t happen very often, but it\'s a terrible tragedy when it happens,\" Sullivan said . \".
The barn is usually made of wood, she says, and the horses are placed on straw or wood chips.
Cam is the most clear, a 5-year-old, was co-
Record holder for five miles-
Runway 8 miles, 1:49
In April 10, Dover Downs in Delaware also set a world record of 1: 58. 3 for a 1 1-
16 miles halfway-
Mile Freehold track May 22, 1999.
He earned $592,015 in 96 starts, including 24 starts, 18 second starts and 7 out of 3.
The horse ran 30 times this year and earned $1 out of 3 with 7 first, 4 second and 126,660 results.
He won sixth place in the last game in November. 13 at Dover. As a 3-year-
Old, the horse lost 1998 small brown water bottles, the second of the pacing treble campaign, and crashed into the black-screen carriage.
\"He was fine from the moment I had him,\" said Robert Glazer, New York\'s boss, who bought Cam, who knows bestyear-old.
\"It\'s really a tragedy for sports and for human beings.
Glazer said he gave the horse a few weeks off.
The Peter Pan stable in Glazer, which owns about 150 standard horses, said that until recently the barn had about 25 horses, but what Cam knows best is that this is the only horse this week
Horses race on the grass near the free circuit and East Rutherford.
Authorities say about 100 firefighters from seven fire companies were involved in the fire.
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