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Nulite New Energy Signed the exclusive cooperation partner with the 7th World Military Games


The 7th World Military Games will be held in Wuhan in October 2019. This is the first international comprehensive military sporting event in China. By then, more than 10,000 soldiers from more than 100 countries will participate in the competition. Thousands of media workers will focus on this event, and hundreds of millions of viewers will watch the Wuhan Army on the spot or through television and internet. The event was grand.In order to do a good job in the development of the Wuhan Military Games market, the company has publicly collected sponsored enterprises.

NULITE-Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater-new Energy Signed The Exclusive Cooperation

In terms of improving the quality of the air environment, the current military service gave up the traditional boiler hot water supply, and in September 2018, signed a contract with Nulite New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. and awarded the seventh of Nulite New Energy. As the exclusive supplier of air source heat pump, the Military Games will provide air source heat pump products for the competition venues, athletes' villages and other places of the Military Games, and provide green energy-saving hot water + cold and warm enjoyment for this military sports meeting.

This time, Nulite New Energy joined hands with the military sports conference and became the exclusive supplier of air source for the military sports. It is another manifestation of its brand strength, and it also represents the recognition and affirmation of the market for Nulite New Energy. In the follow-up supply and installation services, Nulite New Energy will continue to support the military games as always, strictly control the quality of products, strictly follow the standard procedures of engineering installation and after-sales service, so that the world can see China's energy-saving solutions. The strength of the program.

According to a staff member of Nulite New Energy, Nulite New Energy has not only rich experience in heat pump engineering, but also experience in sports event services. Since 2014, Nulite New Energy has been actively engaged in sports marketing, creating sports brands, and continuously sponsoring professional events such as cycling, basketball, marathon, and the 14th Hubei Games. Later, Nulite New Energy provided air source products for the competition venues of major events such as the the 9th National Games and the Guangzhou Asian Games.

In 2018, Nulite New Energy signed a contract with the 18th Asian Games Organizing Committee and was officially awarded as “the official partner of the 18th Asian Games” and “the exclusive supplier of air source products for the 18th Asian Games”, providing the Asian Games venues and Asian Games Village in Jakarta. More than a thousand air source heat pumps. During the Asian Games, because of the stable operation of the air source heat pump and the outstanding energy-saving effect, Nulite New Energy received the thank-you letter from the Asian Games Organizing Committee twice.

The signing of the military sports meeting not only means that the Nulite New Energy brand will be upgraded again, but will further enhance the recognition of Nulite New energy and the entire air source industry in the market and the hearts of ordinary people.