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NEW ENERGY of the world

NEW ENERGY of the world


NEW ENERGY of the world

As a four-year Asian sports event, the Asian Games in Jakarta is expected to become a new opportunity for cooperation between India and China. Coupled with the "One Belt, One Road" policy proposed by General Secretary Xi, this has accelerated the development of bilateral economic and trade development between China and India, the scope of cooperation has been continuously expanded, the level of cooperation has been continuously improved, and the results of cooperation have been continuously presented, which has effectively promoted the economic cooperation between the two countries to enter a new stage.

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The most obvious of these is that in this Asian Games, there have been many Chinese-made figures. One of the more outstanding is GUANGDONG NEW ENWRGY TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as NEW ENERGY). NEW ENERGY signed a contract with the Indonesian Organizing Committee to become the Official Partner of the 18th Asian Games in Jakartaand The Exclusive Supplier of Air Energy Products in the 18th Asian Games. At present, NEW ENERGY has provided China's green energy-saving solutions for the Asian Games, Asian Games Village and Media Village, aiming to create a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-saving greenAsian Games.

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The 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta is an international large-scale comprehensive sports event, which provides a platform for emerging Chinese companies to expand their overseas markets. For some Chinese companies, they have established a firm foothold in the domestic market with accurate brand positioning. Next, they need to expand the market to become international. The Asian Games is a platform for achieving win-win results.

Indonesia's Jakarta Asian Games provided NEW ENERGY  an excellent opportunity to implement an international marketing strategy. Through the Asian Games, an international communication platform, NEW ENERGY will use its sports marketing strategy to launch a brand upgrade program to make the world's people more aware of NEW ENERGY. NEW ENERGY understand the rich content of the Newent brand, increase the brand's popularity and goodwill overseas, quickly occupy the air source market, and let China's NEW ENERGY become the world's air energy.

Whats more,with the development of the society,not only the government pay attention to the ecological enviroment,but also the enterprice. NEW ENERGY has made important contributions to the development of green economy.We believe that NEW ENERGY will play a more significant role in the sustainable development in the near future.

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