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NULITE NEW ENERGY Heat Pumps bring you a wonderful life

NULITE NEW ENERGY Heat Pumps bring you a wonderful life


NULITE-NEW ENERGY Heat Pumps bring you a wonderful life | News On Nulite Heat Pump

       Looking at this picture, it was in Beijing China. The entire city of Beijing was shrouded in fog and haze. It was terrible. What caused such a bad environment? A major factor is the exhaust emissions from coal-fired heating in winter. In northern China, coal-fired boilers were used in most cities in winter to produce hot water and heating. So in the winter, the air quality in these areas was very poor.  In order to build a beautiful environment and for the health and safety of residents, the Chinese government has introduced a series of policies of “coal to electricity”.Eliminating traditional coal-fired boilers, air source heat pumps become the mainstay of hot water and heating engineering.

      So what is air source heat pump? What advantages does it have?

NULITE-NEW ENERGY Heat Pumps bring you a wonderful life | News On Nulite Heat Pump-1

      Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air and transfer heat from one place to another, providing heating,air-condition and domestic hot water. Acting through the compressor, heat medium(refrigerant) will have physical phase change. During this process, the evaporator will absorb the heat from the air and release the heat to the cold water through a heat exchanger. Heat pump only needs very little electrical energy to drive the compressor and fan when transfers the heat from air to the unit.

     Air source heat pumps' characteristics:

   1) High efficiency and energy saving. Absorbing free heat from air,each 1kw power consumption can obtain 2-6kw heat. It can save 75% energy compared with the traditional electric water heaters.

   2) Environment friendly and safe. Air source heat pump has no combustion and no exhaust gas emissions,it is good for our environment and us.

   3) More applicable.Compared with solar water heaters, air source heat pumps are not affected by rainy weather. It can heat normally with air.

   4) Intelligent control, no need for special maintenance.

    Heating performance sheet:

heating typesoil-burning boilerelectric water heater

solar water heater +

electric heating assistance

gas-fired boilerNEW ENERGY air source heat pump water heater
energy usedlight diesel oilelectricitysunshine+electricitynatural gasair+electricity


protection index

serious pollutionno pollutionno pollutionpollutionno pollution
safetyextremely          dangerousdangerousdangerousextremely        dangeroussafe
service life10 years8 years10 years5 years15 years
installation            requirementlimitedfreelimitedfreefree

     NEW ENERGY air source heat pump is the pioneer of China's government's "coal-to-electricity" policies. NEW ENERGY company was established in 2003, entered the Chinese market in 2006. Currently has Huadu District Guangzhou city, Longchuan District Heyuan city, Zengcheng District Guangzhou city, the three major production bases. Under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province enterprise academician expert workstation, Chinese provincial-level enterprise technical centers, NEW ENERGY company(Singapore) NEW ENERGY research center, Nanyang Technological University technology research and development base, NEW ENERGY company(China) heat pump technology research and development center, NEW ENERGY company training institute,etc.. We are focus on research and development, manufacturing, sales of air source heat pump water heater, the national high-tech enterprises. We passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental and safety management system, the country's industrial production permit. Full range of products passed the EU CE certification and awarded by international recognition.

NULITE-NEW ENERGY Heat Pumps bring you a wonderful life | News On Nulite Heat Pump-2

      NEW ENERGY signed with the 18th Asian Games Organizing Committee, was awarded the title of "18th Asian Games official partner", "18th Asian Games air energy products exclusive supplier", the current air to water heat pump pf NEW ENERGY is widely. It is used in the Asian Games venues and Asian Games Village in Jakarta. These have made NEW ENERGY a well-known air source heat pump brand.

NULITE-NEW ENERGY Heat Pumps bring you a wonderful life | News On Nulite Heat Pump-4

     NEW ENERGY air source heat pump will bring you a wonderful and soft life.