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New Energy Heat Pump in 2018 Asian Games

New Energy Heat Pump in 2018 Asian Games


NULITE-Read New Energy Heat Pump in 2018 Asian Games News On Nulite Heat Pump

The 2018 Asian Games is a pan-Asian multi-sport event being held from 18th August to 2th September in Indonesia. The torch relay began at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi, host of the 1th Asian Games, on 15th July 2018.

    On 18th July 2018, a ceremony took place in Brahma field by the 9th century Hindu temple of Prambanan near Yogyakarta, where the torch's flame from India were fused together with an Indonesian natural eternal flame taken from MrapenCentral Java. Subsequently, the Torch Relay Concert were performed marking the start of torch relay throughout the country.

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On 18th August 2018, Mr.Zhao Misheng, the chairman of New Energy Company, appeared in the Indonesian and participated in the Asian Games torch relay as a torchbearer. He said, to be a torchbearer is a great honor and thanks New Energy Air Source Heat Pump was approved by Asian Games. I believe, The air source heat pump will change the way people live. At the same time, the member of 18th Asian Games Organizing Committee Erick, Youth Volunteer and youth representative, Zhao Chongxiang also carried out the torch relay.


The Asian Games Holy Fire has a significant meaning. The torch relay means that the spirit of the Asian Games is passed on. It not only represents a sportsmanship without borders, but also a sense of glory for the country. The local people are very enthusiastic, they run along with the torchbearers. When the torched in Mr. Zhao Misheng’s hand, there was a burst of cheers.


As the largest and highest level sporting event in Asia, 845 Chinese athletes will participate in the 38 major events and 376 small events in the Asian Games.

The opening ceremony of the Asian Games is around the corner. The chairman Mr. Zhao Misheng lead “The New Energy Asian Games Delegation”  to support the Asian Games. the high efficiency and eco-friendly product of air source heat pump produced by New Energy company to support hot water and heating for Asian Games.

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In October 2017, New Energy Company became the official partner of the 18th Asian Games. At present, New Energy’s products have been widely used in Asian Games Village and Asian Games venues to provide heating & hot water solutions.

For example, the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) venue, which is one of the services in New Energy, used 1,200kw electricity to heat the equipment, which consumes 15,000kw of electricity per day. Now they use 30 sets New Energy air source heat pump to replace. It only need 3200 kw per day and can save 11,800kw of electricity per day, equivalent to saving 4,720kg of standard coal per day, reducing emissions of 11,760kg of carbon dioxide. At the same time, it can provide constant temperature for the swimming pool.


New Energy Air Source Heat Pump will once again show to the world its high efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly features to supply a safeguard for green Asian Games! For New Energy Company, it is just a new beginning and they will continue innovating. Openning a new era of Air Source Heat Pump!