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New Building Will Use A Geothermal Energy System

by:NULITE     2019-09-20
Revkinesil 20,1997 on 64 th Street east of Central Park, limestone and marble mansion owned by Little Edgar Bronfman
Ivanna Trump, Jenni Versace and other celebrities lined up in a block full of black Rolls --
Limousine and extended limousine.
Now, the neighborhood is home to two of the city\'s deepest holes, each higher than the World Trade Center.
This month, the holes were drilled into 1,500 feet of the rock bed to dig out the energy stored in the Rock and build a building worth $8 million.
Labor lawyer, philanthropist, current environmental showroom Kheel.
So far, the deepest hole in the city is a water hole, some of which pass through the Earth 900 feet below the surface.
The building will grow by 3,500 this year. square-
Foot batch sold to Mr.
Directed by record and filmmaker David Geffen.
AdvertisementIt will accommodate six non-profit foundations, but also aims to explain how energy is
Sir, saving technology and environment-sensitive construction methods can be paid for themselvesKheel said.
Sir, the water injected and flowing from the hole below 9 East 64 Street will flow through the pipeline of the building
Each room is cooled or heated to an ideal temperature each year, Kheel saidround.
This geothermal heat pump will also generate hot water for the bathroom, all of which have no boilers, no chaotic fans and cooling towers on the roof, little air pollution, and few monthly electricity bills.
The cost of installing a geothermal energy system will be slightly higher than the traditional heating and air-
But reduced fuel, power and maintenance costs should make up for that gap in a few years. Kheel said.
\"We will not change the world with a small building,\" he said . \".
But we can set an example.
Geothermal will be the best we can achieve.
This is good for the environment and will save electricity greatly.
\"Although this is the first geothermal heat pump in Manhattan, the technology has been used by businesses and homeowners in other parts of the city and across the country.
The hole in 64 Street was drilled by John Barnes, a well-digging worker from Bayside, Queens, costing about $100,000 four years ago, in his office, after reading about the technology in a magazine, he built his first geothermal system.
\"Everyone thinks I\'m crazy ,\"Barnes said.
But energy conservation is huge.
Last year, he installed a dozen smaller systems in homes and businesses in Queens and Long Island, and the geothermal plant has now replaced drilling as his main job.
Even the company that sold electricity in the City, United Edison, was satisfied with him.
Kheel\'s project, mainly because the geothermal system will allow the building to cool down during the hottest days without increasing the demand for electricity from traditional Airconditioners.
Frank Napoli, an engineer and efficiency expert at utilities, said the advertising company paid for several energy consultants who helped design the system.
\"Their analysis shows that this is the best solution for this building,\" he said . \".
\"The ground has a stable temperature all year round, so you can take the heat in the winter and pour it back to the ground in the summer.
What better than this?
The project also pleased geologists.
After the FBI scientists heard about the drill, they were invited to spend two days exploring the Manhattan Foundation.
Camera and gamma
The ray sensor was sent most of the time in six months. inch-
A week ago, the diameter hole provided the team with 400-million-year-
Old cloud mother rock Foundation in Manhattan Island.
\"We have never really had such a picture before,\" said Frederick Stam, a hydrologist surveyed . \".
\"It\'s not economically feasible to drill such a deep hole just for science.
He said that he had just started screening the data collected, which helped to show where the cracks allowed water to penetrate into other solid rocks and where the faults could interfere with future water hole drilling projects.
But Leslie Hoffman, executive coordinator of the Foundation, said the main goal is not so much science as the development of cheap, pollution-free energy.
The building of Kheel will be named.
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System adopted by Foundation Building-
Like thousands of similar designs across North America-
Draw energy from the warmth accumulated by the sun.
From about 6 feet to 1,000 feet or more, the rock is like a long one
Solar regular battery, kept at a temperature of about 56 degrees--
Carl o\'rio, president of water and energy systems at Atkinson, New York, said about half of the hottest and coldest temperatures experienced on the surfaceH.
, And the designer of the unit.
Geothermal heat pumps can heat the room or water to more than 56 degrees or cool the room using the same heat
Sir, exchange the process of making the refrigerator cold. Orio said.
In the coil of the heat exchanger in each room, the water from the well hole passes the heat to the compressed gas, and the compressed gas is getting hotter and hotter.
The fan blows indoor air on a coil equipped with heated gas to warm the room.
For cooling, the hot air in the room is blown in through a similar heat exchanger, reducing the temperature of the room.
The excess heat is then brought back to Earth.
These systems vary depending on local conditions, and some are made up of a shallow underground pipeline loop in which the fluid cycles to collect or dump heat.
For businesses or families with large amounts of land, one option is to dig many relatively shallow wells.
For example, Stockton State University near Atlantic City has installed a $5-
Million geothermal heating and cooling systems in 1993 using 400-425foot-deep wells.
But in a square foot high place like Manhattan, the only option is to go straight down.
Sir, the depth of the well depends on the amount of heating and cooling that the heat pump must provideOrio said.
In the first 50 feet of the ads, the holes are arranged with steel pipes, but under this the walls are the cornerstone itself.
The plan requires workers to insert parts after Section 4-
Sir, insert the plastic pipes in inches into each hole tomorrow until they reach the bottomBarnes said.
Pipeline will be like quartermile-
He said the long straw allows the water pump inside the building to draw water heated by the surrounding rocks.
The water returned from the building flows down from the outside of each hole and recycles the heat back into the Rock.
The building is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 1998.
Adrian Tuluca is an architect and energy expert at Norwalk, Connecticut.
The company is running a computer model of the cost and benefits of the project, and he says some of the advantages are particularly suitable for nearby areas.
Because the block is located in a historic block with no roof equipment. -
Like the traditional air.
Air conditioning tower and fan-can be visible.
But there is no such thing as geothermal systems.
\"It also protects the visual environment like the ecological environment . \"Tuluca said.
Unlike any other system, the heat pump for the whole building can adjust each room to the best settings, he said.
\"When you are heating in the north, you can cool down on the south side.
One pump gets the heat from the cycle and the other pump dumps the heat into the cycle.
\"There are restrictions on technology.
Skyscrapers are too big for any reasonable number of wells to provide enough heating and cooling, SirOrio said.
It is very difficult to install a well under the existing structure.
But the potential for underground heat has not yet been developed. -
Both in New York City and across the country-
According to the federal Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, this is huge.
From Holiday Inn Albany to the Geerte House Hotel in Wisconsin, Kentucky.
Geothermal heat pumps are surging.
The east wing of the Geerte house has a heat pump, and the energy cost is $25,000 lower than the traditional heating and cooling of almost the same old wingOrio said.
Over the next five years, a consortium funded by the Department of Energy and the energy industry will spend more than $100 million to increase the number of new geothermal systems from 40,000 per year to 400,000 per year, Sir. Orio said.
The advertisement \"the foundation may be the first in Manhattan \". Kheel said.
But this is definitely not the last time.
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