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new alphabet venture dandelion wants to heat your home with geothermal energy

by:NULITE     2019-08-15
Google has a new sibling in its Alphabet family, whose name is dandelion.
The latest adventure split from Alphabet\'s lunar factory (
Employees work in ambitious businesses like balloons
Project-based Dragon)
The dandelion focuses on geothermal heating and refrigeration in the home and established its own company in July 6.
According to its new website, Dandelion\'s mission is to replace the existing heating, cooling and hot water equipment of homeowners with a geothermal system that collects energy from under their yard.
The idea is to use heat pumps and underground pipes to transport heat from Earth to your home.
In fact, these pipes will extend 300.
At 500 feet below the surface of the Earth, the temperature there is almost always around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Another pump on the ground passes through these U-
Heat pumps and pipes exchange warmth for cold air (or vice versa)when needed.
But why would someone have enough power to install such a plumbing system under their house?
According to Dandelion, this is financially reasonable.
\"Zero down payment financing and low, predictable monthly payments, you can save heating and cooling bills from day one,\" the company notes on its website . \".
In addition, you will certainly be helpful to the Earth, as geothermal energy is certainly a renewable resource and is clearly more than three times that of conventional heating and cooling systems.
Finally, Dandelion notes that its new system is \"quiet, clean and includes a smart thermostat so you can keep your home comfortable all year round --round.
\"For now, dandelion is only sold in northern New York, although it is certain that the company will expand its service space soon.
If you happen to live in a country where dandelion already exists, it takes three steps to get started.
First, customers are required to receive a free home assessment, including a chat with an expert to determine if the solution applies to your specific situation.
Team members then visit your home, design the geothermal system, and arrange the actual installation.
Finally, the installation is handled by the local installer, and Dandelion says it usually takes two to three days.
The current cost of the system is about $20,000.
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