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Natural gas supply is tight, “coal to air energy” escort the people to warm up the winter

Natural gas supply is tight, “coal to air energy” escort the people to warm up the winter


With the arrival of the cold winter, natural gas prices have skyrocketed, returning to the gas shortage market in 2017. Worse than the increase in natural gas prices is that many areas have experienced gas shortages due to natural gas shortages. The local government had to shut down a large number of commercial and industrial boilers to ensure the normal supply of residential gas and heating gas.

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But even so, there are still many local residents whose heating and gas use in winter are affected. For example, residents of a community in Yan’an, Shanxi, said that because the natural gas company restricts gas and the gas boiler pressure in the community is insufficient, the heating temperature is not enough. The bedroom is only 13 degrees Celsius and the living room is only 15 degrees Celsius. The temperature at home is too low. Up. Therefore, some experts said that the reason for the natural gas shortage this year is that the people’s demand for heating has skyrocketed except for the relatively cold weather. Part of the reason is because of the “coal to gas” project. my country itself is a gas-poor country and needs to import foreign natural gas every year to barely use it. Since “coal to gas”, my country’s demand has skyrocketed, so a “gas shortage” scenario has appeared. Fortunately, since the gas shortage in 2017, my country has begun to strongly recommend the “coal-to-electricity” project that focuses on various clean heating equipment. Among the various clean heating equipment of “coal-to-electricity”, a type of equipment called “air  source  heat pump” has been favored by governments, schools, hotels, hospitals, and rural areas as well as “coal-to-electricity” because of its excellent energy saving. Welcome to the North and become the preferred equipment for “coal to electricity” in the north.

An air source  heat pump is a machine that uses a small amount of electric energy to drive the machine to run, and then converts the low-grade heat in the air into high-grade heat for heating. Because it does not directly convert electricity into heat when it works, its power consumption is very low, only one-fourth of ordinary electric heaters and one-half of gas boilers. Take the heating renovation of over 4 million square meters in Zhao County, Hebei Province as an example. In October 2019, the project installed 1,200 heat pump units to heat 46 communities in Zhao County. After a winter (four months) of operation, a total of 43 million yuan was paid for electricity, and the average heating fee was only 13.23 yuan per square meter. In the same period, Zhao County used natural gas boilers to heat the area of 220,000 square meters, paid 6 million yuan, 27.27 yuan per square meter, twice as expensive as using air energy heat pumps.

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In addition to energy saving, the air energy heat pump requires only a small amount of electricity when working, does not consume natural resources such as coal, natural gas, and does not generate open flames and emit toxic and harmful exhaust gas, waste residues, and dust. Therefore, air energy heat pumps are used for heating. It can reduce the consumption of natural resources, ensure the atmospheric environment, and prevent the possibility of fire, explosion, poisoning and other safety accidents. It is a very environmentally friendly and safe heating method. It is precisely because of the various advantages of air-energy heat pumps that air-energy heat pumps are regarded as the first choice for “coal to electricity” by the governments in the north. In the next few years, with the further promotion of the “coal-to-electricity” project, air-energy heat pumps with multiple functions such as heating, hot water, and drying will make more and more important contributions to my country’s air pollution control.