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morristown goes green with new office building

by:NULITE     2019-09-11
Morris town was officially Green.
On Thursday, the Morris town parking lot authority briefed local officials and media on its new $27 million office building on Maple Avenue. The four-
The story structure has designed environmental guidelines and is expected to be certified \"green\" next year in accordance with guidelines developed by the United StatesS.
The Green Building Council is a non-profit organization designed to promote practices that reduce the environmental impact of buildings.
The building will be the first to gain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
David Grant, executive director of Geraldine R, said it was a certificate from Morristown.
Dodge Foundation
This name is considered attractive by tenants.
So far, the whole building has been rented out except for part of the first floor.
\"We plan to stay here for many years, the concept of green (construction)
\"Sustainability is perfect for our mission,\" said Jim Kutcher, president and executive of the company.
In Morris Town
The guide eye will occupy the basement, provide training areas for its dogs, and provide enough space for 18 vans.
Other tenants include Geraldine R, the city\'s parking authority.
The Dodge Foundation plans to move into the top two floors this fall; the Fannie E.
Rippel Foundation;
The Morris Town Partnership and the Morris Regional Arts Council.
The design of the building, including aluminum color blending windows, which keep solar energy outside the structure, is one of the features highlighted on Thursday during the structure and eight safety helmet tourslevel 791-
Parking spaces are planned to open this fall.
In addition to specially designed windows, the structure is equipped with geothermal wells and soil source heat pumps to heat and cool the building at a constant underground temperature of 56 degrees;
A vertical garden that helps filter carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds out of the air;
A green roof that protects the roof from damage;
There are several other sources of energy.
The efficient function of blocking the external temperature, allowing more natural light to enter the building, and controlling the amount of moisture, dust, allergens, noise, insects and contaminants entering the building.
Planning for 35,000-square-
Six years ago, when the parking authority of Morris Town ---
Owner of the project--
Trying to replace a smaller two
Level parking on site.
The building is the same as the former site of Epstein.
Authorities officials then met with delegates from the Foundation, see for reality and other non-profit organizations interested in being close to the downtown area. Foundation--
The largest tenant of the building-
Interested in moving to a place that suits its mission, including promoting environmental reasons.
\"You have to learn some knowledge about environmental design by learning in the building,\" Grant said . \".
Before agreeing to support such a project, the authorities decided to study the idea of a \"green\" building.
\"We accepted it after learning more,\" said George Fiore, executive director of the authority . \".
The mayor of Morristown, Donald crisitillo, said the project was another example of the town\'s efforts to boost energy. Save the project.
The town earlier this year approved plans to install solar panels at a sewage treatment plant in Cedar Knolls.
\"This is a good example of government-private enterprise collaboration, creating jobs and a new vision for Morristown,\" said Cresitello . \".
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