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mhi thermal systems and chubu electric power jointly develop \"q-ton circulation\" heat pump, launching set for august.

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Special offer through R454C
GWP refrigerant is the first refrigerant in Japan and has an important contribution to curbing global warming --
Tokyo, February 28, 2018(JCN Newswire)-
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry thermal System Co. , Ltd.
And central power company. , Inc.
Jointly developed \"Q-
\"Air circulation\"
SOURCE circulating heat pump (1)
Designed for use in factories. The Q-
The Ton cycle has significantly reduced the environmental impact by adopting the refrigerant R454C with global warming potential for the first time in Japan (GWP)(2)
About 1-
There used to be a tenth of restaurants.
It is also the first heat pump in the industry to heat water to 75 degrees Celsius (167degF)
Low temperature outside-20degC (-4degF). The Q-
Starting from August, the ton cycle will be sold in the byMHI thermal system.
Today, steam boilers burned with fossil fuels are widely used in manufacturing plants to remove the hot water needed for grease, cleaning parts, etc.
Recently, heat pumps have become more and more common because of their outstanding efficiency contribution to energy conservation.
However, the GWP value of the heat pump available so far is 1,430 to 2,090 times higher than carbon dioxide (CO2)
And the implementation of the newly promulgated laws on the emission and control of fluorine-containing carbon (3)
A call was made to develop a lower refrigerant for gwpvalue.
In the newly developed Q-
Tons of circulation, targeted by the adoption of low environmental impactGWP R454C.
At the same time, in pursuit of energy efficiency,
The segmented compression refrigeration cycle is adopted, and the cooling cycle is optimized by optimizing the diameter of the pipeline.
The cumulative result is a very efficient operation-a COP(4)of 3. 3-
And the ability to produce hot water at an external temperature of as low as 75 degrees Celsius20degC.
Also, in-
Sales service, remote monitoring Q-
By using IoTtechnology, the running state of tonCirculation is possible. (1)Air-
SOURCE circulating heat pump: a heat pump that produces hot water by absorbing heat from the atmosphere. (2)
Global warming potential (GWP)
: Measurement of the effects of greenhouse gases on global warming compared to the effects of carbon dioxide. (3)
The fluorine-carbon emissions and Control Act entered into force on April 1, 2015 as an amendment to earlier laws on the recycling and destruction of fluorine-carbon.
The new legislation provides for appropriate action to ensure that carbon-fluoride leakage is prevented in all processes and calls for conversion into a replacement for low global warming potential. (4)
Coefficient of performance (COP)
: Indicators indicating the energy consumption efficiency of the heat source system.
The higher the reading, the higher the energy level
Save performance.
COPis is calculated by heating capacity (kW)
Power consumption (kW)
, Where power consumption refers to the power consumed by the heat source unit.
The COP reading does not include the power consumed by the external installation of the circulating pump. The Q-
3 tons of police circulating.
3 is the value under the following conditions: the external temperature is 25 °c (77degF)(
Relative humidity 70%
Water inlet temperature 60degC (140degF)
, Outlet temperature 65degC (149degF).
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