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low-cost heat and high-quality living in lower killeens

by:NULITE     2019-09-07
Rose Martin says art evergreen is a reward for buyers.
Of course, when the northerners in Cork want to build the north side, where will they go.
Descendants of the old Irish living outside the walls usually don\'t get up three people.
Bed Rochestown-
Unless it\'s plain clothes.
This means that all points in Blackpool North, East and West are their own
Build a country for local backwinds.
In lower Killeens, there is a quiet enclave with a large detached house called Glen Springs, which has the largest and most private house and is now on sale.
On the market with Michael Downey of Times Downey McCarthy, Evergreen is a surprisingly large property with 3,300 square feet on a half-acre large field.
But that\'s only half the story, because Evergreen uses the best modern technology in a house that is above average in fixtures and accessories.
There is geothermal heating, or, more correctly, a soil source heat pump system that ends with its own plant.
There is a complete communication center next to the kitchen that can run alerts, Internet and sound surround. Electricity (
Because geothermal is the main source of electricity)
, Is charged at night, in order to make the most of this, large utility companies have two washing machines and dryers that work at half price until night. Clever.
Then there is the house itself, a nice, flexible, very luxurious family home that can accommodate a very large family.
For the time being, it has five large bedrooms, but this does not take into account the large garage completed in the country and it will double the duplex or first floor apartment.
At present, it also includes a position
Separate office at the back with separate entrance with a total garage area of 1,200 square feet.
The house is only three years old and the insulation is over standard and has been completely completed
There is nothing to do here.
The kitchen stands out for its huge size and luxurious accessories.
Built by DK kitchens, it is rustic and has some lovely stand-alone pieces that add color to the cream and gray traditional look of the main unit.
There is a huge island, mixed with solid wood and granite countertops, a stove in a ornate inglenook, a premium vanity, a pantry, and a more granite countertop that stretches along both sides.
On one side there is a separate TV room with a dining area facing the green fields in the middle and a towering sun room in the back with bricks and exposed beams.
This has not yet taken into account the reception room, the large hallway with cherry wood, the manual staircase that rises to a brave platform, and the playroom/suite room and storage room at the back.
The space on the top of the head has fans on both sides and one end has an oversized master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, followed by four double rooms with main bathroom.
The bathroom is top notch and includes Jacuzzi and is very spacious.
To be honest, there is a lot to see in this House and it will fill up a few pages to cover, so the only way to really feel the evergreen is to go and have a look.
Micheal Downey has provided guidance for the property for € 850,000, which is currently on the upper floor of the city, but he is ready to talk to serious buyers.
Green, secluded, but only a few minutes from town on Blackpool and north ring, this House offers a wealth of services for buyers looking for Statesof-the-
Art, independent home. try {_402_S }
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