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looking for a quick way to build your own grand design? we look at striking modern prefab homes and what they cost

by:NULITE     2019-09-23
If you want to create your own grand design home but are blocked by the prospect of a potentially long and complex building process, prefabrication may be the answer.
In the past, the word \"prefabu\" was associated with cheap large-scale buildings in the back buildingswar period.
But today\'s version can also be a masterpiece of design. tech and hard-wearing -
External can be installed at least in-
Arrived in three or four days.
The most famous include the unique \"huf haus\", which is designed with large pieces of glass at the core.
For those with a smaller budget, there are rewards
Award-winning designs like Modhulus cost less than £ 50,000 and do not include the price of land to build these designs. The cutting-
Garvin Barwell, minister of housing, planning and London, approved the edge design of modern presets.
He said at a housing conference in London that concerns about quality and design are understandable.
But these people are not poor. quality pre-
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There is nothing comparable at all, he added.
They set a benchmark for the latest cuts. edge designs.
\"They are made in a highly controlled factory environment and the parts are assembled precisely on site.
A great advantage of the presets is that they provide great flexibility to build the property on site and then install it in a few days
On-site, the owner\'s requirements are often required (
For example, the buyer may decide to divide the space into three smaller bedrooms instead of two larger ones).
The main problem is like any self.
The construction project is to find a piece of land.
In popular areas of southern England, and even in less popular areas, clear building blocks are almost impossible
It may be difficult for them to find a place of demand.
This means a lot of self
Builders choose to buy an existing house and tear it down to make way for their project.
The downside to this is that the price is expensive, however, the potential cost and time savings of the prefabrication will help to reduce those costs a little.
You will need planning permission once you have your plot.
However, a striking modern prefabricated building may stand out from the neighbouring home, and planners may be optimistic about the state of its design.
It\'s wise to find a local planner to talk to your Parliament and get to know what you think.
If you decide to build your own grand design using 21st century preforms, we will look at some of the options available. . . 1.
Huf HausA Huf Haus is probably the most famous luxury prefabricated brand due to its unique glass and wood frame.
They are built by German companies of the same name and can be built in a few days (
Internal accessories are not included)-
But only their own team.
They need about a week to install, about £ 300 per square foot and £ 3,230 per square meter.
The starting price includes a basic entry-level package that includes floor covering, Plumb and wiring, bathroom ware, accessories and tiles, external blinds on all the underlying glass windows and air source heat pumps.
For a big family, this could add a considerable amount, however, these houses have a large wow factor, a high-end image, and a fairly large following.
The large glass pane is the main feature, which means that the property is filled with light and has a modern style.
The design of the House also means that the ongoing cost is maintained at a lower level, because the tight seal keeps the heat in the winter, and the external prominent seal keeps the sun in the summer.
In order to start construction on Huf Haus, a flat or basement must have been built. 2.
For those looking for a luxury design, baufritzbau is another option, especially because of the speed of the building --
Within three or four days. (
However, it may take several months to complete the internal work. )
The houses were built at a factory in bowfriz, Germany, and shipped to the site.
The company uses as much as possible 100 of natural materials, such as wood shaving insulation.
Ready on site-
It is clear that any existing property on the site needs to be removed.
Clearing the land and laying the foundation is similar to the standard building, and Baufritz works with the contractor before the start of the installation.
The average price of Baufritz\'s home is 2,000 per square meter and 186 per square foot. 3.
Scandia HusAnother is another option if you want to build your own grand design property.
They can be built by your own builder or provided by the company
Called \"revolving door\" service, it built the whole house for you.
Home offers good insulation, triple
Heating under glass windows and floors.
Some have also added solar panels, heat pumps for soil sources and other renewable energy technologies.
Their cost of self-construction is between 120 and 150 per square foot, and the cost of a complete turnkey product is between 170 and 200 per square foot. (
This is equivalent to 1,290 to 1,614 per square meter, 1,830 to 2,150 per square meter).
According to the design, site conditions and specifications, the buyer expects the building to take about six months.
The foundation is prepared in exactly the same way as the traditional building, and the building is a trench foundation with beams and blocks of floor. 4.
ModulusThe modulus home recently won the title of an annual design competition in which it was rated as the best house you can build on a shoe rope. The two-
The bedroom house covers an area of 66 m² square meters and costs only 49,644.
Covers and windows are included but there is no kitchen or bathroom.
Houses of wood, by the whole
The finished parts of the factory are made-site -and eco-
Efficient functions such as solar panels (
Used to help heat water. can be added.
Customers can also choose the roof, whether it is asphalt, clay, concrete roof tile or tin skin.
The price of the project does not include land built by the House
This has greatly pushed up the price of new homes.
The Foundation needs to be laid before construction begins.
Modulus can be built as a separate home or several on a terrace or block.
Other companies offering wooden houses include frame houses, Scotframe and Potton.
These companies can help guide buyers through the entire purchase process from finding land to designing properties and obtaining planning permission.
How do you find land that can be built?
Unless you already own a piece of land, you need to consider the cost of purchasing the land, which will depend on several factors --
Perhaps the most important thing is its location.
If the land is in a popular location-
Close to good transportation and school
Expect to pay a higher price.
In your search, you can use the location-finding service to help you.
These include House buildings and refurbished plotfinder.
Net, it collects information from individuals who sell land and real estate agents and provides it to users of the service.
The map below highlights some examples of the cost of parcels offered across the country, which have different planning permitssized homes.
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