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kiplinger’s hits and misses of 2012

by:NULITE     2019-08-19
The staff sat down and looked at some of the highs and lows of 2012, replacing the end of the magazine tradition --of-year best-of list.
This is a small part of the consumer.
Hot and missed in 2012, and some insights from Kiplinger\'s Personal Finance Editor Janet Bodnar.
If you want to read all the selections from Kiplinger.
The (pictured, top).
Vincentric car accessories-
Data company will be five of Prius
According to Kiplinger, the cost of the year is $34,480, which makes it better than other hybrids.
The (
Figure, bottom).
The price of the electric car that GM hyped is very high ($39,995)
Kiplinger warned that maintenance and repair costs are high.
A recent joint venture launched by Wal-Mart
Mart and American Express offer almost everything for free: no activation or monthly maintenance fees, online billing payments, and mobile checks to deposit through the app.
Bodnar noted that prepaid cards \"usually come with a lot of fees \".
The player, named after basketball legend Elvin \"Magic\" Johnson, costs $4.
95 activation fee and $4.
Maintenance costs 95 per month.
\"It takes a lot of effort,\" Bodnar said . \".
Kiplinger noted that there are many ways to earn miles through partner airlines, credit cards and retailer relationships.
Upgrading from economy class to first class is only 15,000 miles.
Kiplinger said that if you switch or cancel your reservation within 72 hours of departure, the points used by the reward flight will not be available.
Kids over 5 will be fine
By the latest version (pictured)
Kiplinger said.
In addition, the $199 Fire HD version includes FreeTime, which allows parents to set a time limit for reading or playing games.
Kiplinger recommends passing out tablets for children under the age of 10 because there are very few apps and books.
Suddenly appear on site and improve in daily life
Kiplinger pointed out that the trading formula.
You also don\'t have to buy the deal in advance, which means you won\'t have five forgotten deal coupons that you\'ll have to spend in three days.
That\'s not to say that Groupon is not good, says Bodnar.
\"Other companies have entered the field and Groupon is doing better,\" Bodnar said . \".
The market for ticket resale has become crowded in recent years, but Kiplinger\'s spare ticket is out of date.
The company was founded in 2000 and acquired by eBay in 2007.
Kiplinger says buying at the box office in advance will never end, despite Patriots and (until recently)
Fans of the Red Sox may want to avoid the suggestion.
Kiplinger refers to SeatGeek\'s data.
Com, that is, if you buy tickets 90 days in advance, you will pay 50% more
24 hours in advance.
Photo: before the Red Sox game on May 12, the ticket buyers and sellers negotiated outside Fenway Park.
Access Sprint\'s data network allows you to access data without a contract, Kiplinger said.
Virgin\'s 3g data charges $35 per month and $55 for 5 gigs.
Best part: If you are in the 4g service area of Sprint (
Unfortunately, the Boston area is still limited), you get 4G.
MISS: Kiplinger says for similar products that are also running on the Sprint network, just charge more: $40 for 2 gigabit data per month, $60 for 4 gigabit data
There is no chance of any 4g service.
This is purely based on numbers, says Bodnar.
The state\'s strong economic position has allowed it to reduce some tax rates: one example is that homeowners 65 and older have made breakthroughs in property taxes.
Kiplinger said the state did not provide a welcome pad for retirees.
Social Security benefits are excluded from national income tax only if your adjusted total income is less than $50,000 (
$60,000 for couples).
In addition, the state also collects high property taxes and extra full taxesof-
State and civil service pensions.
Photo: Welcome-to-
Located on Interstate 91 south of the Massachusetts border.
Kiplinger advises, major in engineering.
In the scale of recent payments.
According to the Com survey, six of the top 10 majors in salary potential are engineering majors.
The median starting salary for the oil engineering major is $98,000. com said.
Child and Family Studies
This is the last listed on Payscale.
Com lists 130 salary potential majors, according to Kiplinger.
Payscale says the average salary for college graduates is $29,300.
Kiplinger says the checking accounts there can pay up to £ 0.
Interest 75% (
Good luck and find this elsewherestanding basis)
, Savings and money market account quote 0.
95% interest.
And Ally refund ATM fees.
Not offering interest rates to compete with other online banks, the overdraft fee is $29, close to brick, Kiplinger saidand-
Financial institutions.
You won\'t think of Sally May (
(Figure left) whose headquarters
As a place for money-
Usually take-out.
But the bank of the student lending institution has a money market account that pays 1.
Interest of 05% and no minimum interest
Balance or monthly maintenance fee is required.
\"This is a good number for cash ,[but]not a long-
This is a long-term investment, Mr. bordenar said.
Bodnar said you \'d better pay back the money with Fidelity tax.
Free money market account
0 has recently been generated.
According to the money market account standard, that number is even 01%, Kiplinger said.
You will be lucky if you live in Phoenix: House prices have risen by 23.
According to Clear Capital, 9% of the year ended July 31.
This will help homeowners who have experienced 53 years regain some value.
Down 1% from 2006.
Kiplinger quoted Clear Capital data as saying that house prices in Memphis had fallen by 12% as of July 31.
Part of this could be a slow recovery in the local economy, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics says remains high (8. 6 percent)above the 7.
The national average is 9%.
Replace the old electric heater with Energy Starqualified heat-
Water pump water heater (
$50-$1,000 to $1,600gallon model)
Kiplinger says this will save ordinary families $290 a year.
That means you can get your investment back soon.
Kiplinger says replacing refrigerators built after 2001 won\'t save a lot of cash, but after getting rid of your 80 s
The Era model can save $100 or more a year.
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