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is this mansion the most high-tech house on sale in britain?

by:NULITE     2019-08-29
This is an example of an amazing period of Arts and Crafts architecture with a fairy
Story turret, starting in 1901.
But these nine today
The bedroom mansion has been transformed into one of the highestTechnical Specifications-
Houses for sale in the UK.
For £ 10 million, it is one of the most expensive properties in the market outside London and Surrey commuter belt.
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House of architects, Hollywood 19-
Century aesthetic movement has a certain understanding of cuttingedge design.
However, they will be surprised to see a change in one of their best buildings --
To the Swarovski crystal lighting set up on the ceiling of the main suite.
Intelligent technology means that when the owner is away, the heating and lighting of the whole room can be programmed through the mobile phone, and even different temperatures can be set in different rooms, thus reducing energy consumption.
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Spend 35 m on a house with a golf course, which is not a billing issue when heating is free and eco-friendly
Friendly, from the heat pump installed underground.
Beautiful Penny: This house is one of the most expensive houses in the market outside of the London sound system, and it is built on the ceiling --
Avoid dust from ugly wires and bulky speakers
Personal music collection or Internet radio stations can be played.
The TV in all rooms is controlled from the center so that different programs can be watched (and paused)
At a different place.
A \"smart\" box allows parents to see what the children are looking at in the bedroom. The real-
Ray Peck and Nicki Holland created a vision for future life when renovating the house, which also comes with a swimming pool and a houseboat.
In 2006, the couple bought the property on the bank of Berkshire\'s meidenhead for about £ 3 million.
But they spend \"millions\" on fixes \".
It shows: high
Gorgeous decor and open and charming spaces are better than any Hollywood star mansion.
It\'s not to say that the original feature has disappeared: there is a 40-foot painting of the Spanish invincible fleet in the living room.
When architect William West designed the place to be his own gorgeous home, it was painted.
How many Hollywood mansions have a gym where you can sweat in front of a 1901 arched ceiling with carved oak panels and a paneled fireplace?
Comfort: A more traditional-
This spacious master bedroom suite looks like a room upstairs and is impressive.
At 400ft, it is twice the size of an ordinary British semi-trailer.
In addition to the crystal lighting, it also has a bracket
Feature separate bathtubs inside the turret.
The top is another set, completely inside the turret.
There are seven en-
Both the en suite bathroom and several of the nine bedrooms have balconies to make the most of the view from the water.
First of all, the riverside environment attracts Ray and Nicki.
\"Things always happen on the river --
Boat, wildlife
There is always something flowing all year round.
\"It\'s lovely to live here,\" he said . \"
The technology also includes heating.
Switches designed to provide warm winter and cool summer air-
The recent heat wave is a godsend.
Maintenance of the West Court and its two
Bedroom cottage with the couple threeand-a-half years.
During this time, a series of interior designers came and went.
Lei, chairman and director of the company, recalled: \"One went bankrupt, which cost us a lot of money . \".
Nicki added: \"Every time we have interior designers coming in, I listen to them and think, \'This is not what I want, \'and then do what I want.
They have a lot of ideas, but we have not adopted them.
It seems like an obvious thing to install all the technology, Ray said.
\"When we found the house, it had not been loved for a long time,\" he said . \".
\"There was a stage where the apartment was so there was a bathroom in a strange place and we had to move some walls.
Everything is aging and in poor condition.
There\'s rich sheikh in the bathroom. Gold faucet.
\"We removed the place-when we removed and replaced all the floors, pipes and electrical, it was an opportunity to prepare the property for the next 110 or more.
\"It took so long to decorate and at the end of the day, the workers had settled well and they didn\'t want to leave!
\"The downside of the House is that there is only one acre of land, which is why the family is selling.
Nick and the couple\'s three children, 11-year-old Benedict, 13-year-old imogan, and 22-year-old Sophie, are all keen on horseback riding.
More land is needed to keep them.
This leads to the conclusion that you can have all the hi-
Science and money can provide technology equipment, but sometimes the most abundant is the basic fun of life.
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