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Is the air source dryer cost-effective for plum drying?


Plums, also known as Jiayingzi, Jiaqingzi, and Brin, are generally listed in June to September each year. Because of its sweet and sour taste and rich nutrition, plums are a favorite fruit for many people. Although plums are delicious, the storage period is very short. For Li Nong, if he does not sell the plums within the preservation period, he can only watch the plums rot and waste a year of hard work. In order to solve the problem of the short storage period of plums, governments in many regions will do everything possible to help Li Nong create wealth. Take Fuda Village, Pinghu Town, Gutian County, Fujian Province as an example. The village has introduced hibiscus plums since the 1970s. It has been planted for 40 to 50 years. It is the largest hibiscus plum producing area in Fujian Province. The reputation of “First Furong Li”.














In 2020, while actively looking for sales routes for farmers, the village committee of Fuda Village also introduced foreign capital. With the model of “cooperative + farmers”, a special plum drying room was built in the village to shorten the original storage period. , Fresh fruits that are not easy to preserve, become dry and extend the product sales cycle. After comprehensively considering the brand’s corporate strength and the energy saving, environmental protection and stability of the product, the village committee purchased 14 Nulite air energy dryers for drying in the drying room, which can dry 100,000 fresh fruits per day. jin. The air energy dryer is a kind of using a small amount of electricity to absorb low-grade heat energy in the air, then increase the temperature and compress it into high-grade heat energy, and then convert the high-grade heat energy into hot air, and send it into a sealed drying room to dry the material. Dry equipment. There is no open flame, no fire hazard, no exhaust gas, dust, and waste residue that may pollute the air environment and plum hygiene. It is a clean, environmentally friendly and safe equipment.














Nulite is one of the earliest companies engaged in air energy production in my country. After nearly two decades of continuous accumulation and development, Nulite has made great achievements in all aspects, such as having two major production bases with an annual production capacity of more than 2 million units. , Won the “Leading Brand”, “Famous Brand” and other honors of air energy several times. It is a big brand with considerable market awareness and reputation in the air energy industry. In terms of drying, Nulite has accumulated a wealth of data through a large number of cases, and has been systematically and professionally integrated and improved by Nulite R&D personnel. Finally, it has become a set of detailed and reliable drying solutions and applied to the interior of the air energy dryer. . When the user is drying, as long as different drying schemes are selected according to the condition of the material, the heat pump will work automatically, the air is stable during drying, the temperature is accurately controlled, and manual monitoring is not required, which fundamentally solves the problem of the error in the drying process. Or loss of customers caused by improper operation. At present, the drying unit has been in operation in Fuda Village for more than a year. According to customers, the operation effect is good, safe, environmentally friendly, and stable, especially in terms of energy saving. It is particularly cost-effective to use. At a price of 50 cents, the cost of drying a catty of plums (fresh plums) is only 0.0732 yuan.