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is it \'normal\' to have a $300 + electric heating bill for an 1100 sf \'loft\' apar

by:NULITE     2019-08-22
Is the $300 heating fee for the CA 1100 sf \"loft\" apartment \"\" normal?
I have lived in the apartment for more than seven years, 1159 square feet with gas water heater but electric heating.
My washer and dryer is also electric.
My monthly bill never exceeded $125.
Before I rented the apartment, I called the utility area to find out the average bill for the unit address and was told to be between $90 and $120.
I turned on the AC during the hot summer and my average bill was $97 (
The past six months).
In the first month of winter, I got a bill for $359. 00.
No washer and dryer either!
I do have a fireplace, but the flu is closed.
Is this normal?
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