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investing in evi dc inverter for heat pump

by:NULITE     2019-09-10
Air source heat pump is a new generation of heating and cooling equipment available today, and evi dc variable frequency heat pump is one of the latest inventions in the heat pump industry.
In many countries of the world, especially in relatively cold environments, EVI heat pumps are often used as heating methods.
In recent years, with the upgrading of new residential heating technology, traditional heating methods are gradually eliminated, replaced by energy conservation, and environmental heating solutions have become the mainstream.
The meaning of the Arctic evi dc variable frequency heat pump usually uses a single-speed or two-speed compressor for heat pumps.
This means that it is either on type or off type.
However, one of the industries used in the Arctic evi dc variable frequency heat pump
Best compressor
Variable speed DC of Mitsubishi EVI compressor.
The DC motor operates at the specific speed required to achieve maximum efficiency.
In this way, the efficiency of the DC variable frequency heat pump is 30% higher than that of the standard unit.
This is very important because the compressor consumes a lot of energy needed for the heat pump.
The presence of the brushless DC fan motor and the PFC controls the operating capacity and does not require the capacitor to be started.
While this DC motor does not need to be started and stopped frequently, which often involves conventional motors, it reduces the input energy required and the daily wear and tear of the compressor.
Most compressors turn on and start running until they are above the set point and off until they are below the set point.
This leads to fluctuations in hot and cold at room temperature and longer operation time.
Using a DC variable frequency heat pump variable frequency compressor, you can quickly reach the required room temperature when the compressor starts to enter high speed.
Once the desired temperature is reached, the compressor will slow down and maintain the preferred temperature, providing the exact energy as needed.
This ensures great comfort within your home while minimizing operating costs.
Which side is EVI on?
EVI represents enhanced steam injection.
This is a state-of-the-art technology for Arctic cold climate heat pumps that can achieve higher performance at lower temperatures.
Typically, the EVI heat pump uses a third smaller internal plate heat exchanger in a refrigeration cycle, called a coal-saving device.
By using the bypass valve, some of the hot refrigerant steam present on the condenser is bypassed to x combined with the cooler gas on the expansion side of the evaporator.
Heat is transferred again-
Further increase the temperature of the gas.
Then, through a separate steam injection port, inject it into the head of the rolling compressor at medium-range pressure.
Using EVI heat pump technology, the Arctic heat pump can get rid of the limit of the optimal temperature flow encountered by other cold climate heat exchangers.
This technology ensures more heat and better COP even at lower temperatures.
Keep in mind that EVI technology has increased collaboration
27-efficient performance30%.
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