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Increase revenue ratio, air energy heat pump becomes the first choice for hotel hot water projects


As the hotel serves as a place of service, ensuring the comfort of guests is a top priority. Hot water is a standard hardware facility in the hotel, and whether it is comfortable or not directly affects the reputation of the hotel and the second occupancy rate of customers. In order to better meet the needs of guests for hot water use, while reducing operating and maintenance costs, air-energy water heaters have become the heat of many hotels. The first choice for water engineering.

Project Overview

[Project name]: Zhijiang Danyang International Hotel

[Project address]: Zhijiang City, Yichang City, Hubei Province

[Construction date]: July 8-October 1, 2019

[Hot water tons]: 144 tons of hot water per day

[Equipment model]: G10B room temperature hot water machine

Danyang International Hotel is the only five-star hotel in Zhijiang City, with a total construction area of over 60,000 square meters, a main building of 100 meters high, a total of 26 floors, and 270 luxurious guest rooms of various types. The person in charge of the hotel adopted a solar energy + Nulite air source heat pump hot water system based on the total amount of hot water used in the project and the water usage pattern

24-hour constant temperature hot water to help Tuoke profit

Hot water supply is the most basic service of the hotel. 24-hour hot water supply, comfortable hot water temperature and stable water pressure must be guaranteed. Passenger flow varies from time to time and in different seasons. Even during peak water consumption, guests must be guaranteed to be able to do so. Enjoy a comfortable experience. In fine weather, the collector heats the water by absorbing the energy of sunlight and stores it in the heat preservation water tank to ensure hot water supply; when the sunlight resources are insufficient, the air source heat pump water heater is automatically activated to prepare sufficient domestic hot water.


The NuliteGB series hot water unit uses a specially customized large-capacity water tank to store the hot water needed for a day. The outlet temperature is set to 48°C to achieve instant heating and constant temperature protection of hot water. Air-energy water heaters make up for the shortcomings of solar energy and maximize the benefits of energy combined use. Guests can enjoy constant temperature and comfortable hot water for 24 hours, which improves the check-in experience and secondary occupancy rate.

Intelligent multi-terminal control to reduce operating costs

Hotels have very high requirements for the use of hot water systems. If the temperature of the hot water does not meet the needs of customers, or the waiting time is long, it will affect the customer’s check-in experience. Nulite air energy hot water unit adopts electronic chip control, which can realize multi-terminal control of computer and mobile phone. The cloud platform can display the working status, temperature and other parameters of the equipment in real time. Various operating parameters and set values can be adjusted in time, and when abnormalities occur Timely alarm information is issued, and the staff can perform maintenance in time before the failure occurs, eliminate the failure in time, and ensure the normal supply of hot water.


The operating conditions of the hot water system are clear at a glance. The Nulite  hot water unit improves the working efficiency of the hotel staff, realizes the intelligent requirements of visual management and control, and greatly reduces the management difficulty and the labor cost of the hotel.

Nowadays, high-efficiency and energy-saving air energy hot water projects have been widely used in hotels, factories, resorts, schools and other places. In recent years, Nulite has established a large number of model projects in Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Northeast and other places to provide users with safe and comfortable heat. Water services provide high-quality templates for new energy applications across the country, and are well received by merchants and customers!