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In two months, a single province coal-to-electricity conversion won the bid for 10 orders!


From August to September, within two months, NULITE won the bid for coal-to-electricity projects 10 times in a single province in Hebei alone, with a total of nearly 10,000 units! Good news and winning bids are frequent. This is the recognition of NULITE heat pump  by the local government and the people. A good reputation is enough to inspire people. The affirmation is inseparable from the support of NULITE's strong technical strength and quality and considerate service. Tang County 2021 Photovoltaic + Electric Heating Air Source Heat Pump Project, Laishui County 2021 Electric Heating Renovation Project, Pingshan County 2021 Distributed Photovoltaic + Electric Heating Reconstruction Project, Lincheng County 2021 Electric Heating Reconstruction Project, Lingshou County 2021 Clean heating in winter in rural areas "electricity instead of coal" equipment procurement project, Jingxing County 2021 distributed photovoltaic + electric heating renovation project, Xingtang County 2021 electricity replacement coal equipment procurement project, Lulong County 2021 electricity replacement coal heat fan project, The air source heat pump project of the Third Hospital of Chengde City, and the procurement and installation project of low-temperature environment hot air blowers for “electricity replacing coal” in Daming County in 2021.


      For residential heating demand in winter, NULITE provides coal-to-electric  heat pump products to meet the strong heating requirements in cold regions, and strong heating at -35°C without attenuation; at the same time, it also takes into account the summer cooling demand, one machine with dual functions, and comfortable heating and cooling. With its excellent product performance, brand-new service experience, and excellent model accumulation, NULITE has been highly recognized by the government and users during the coal-to-electricity work for several years. It has won the outstanding contribution unit of coal-to-clean energy and the advanced unit of energy saving in China. Honorary recognition.


      In the future, NULITE will continue to deepen the domestic clean heating market, continue to iterate and update, launch more energy-saving and intelligent new products, help the country achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, and go all out to serve users!