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Ignite the scene, Nulite’s products were stunningly displayed at the China Heat Pump Exhibition


On April 27, the three-day 11th China Heat Pump Exhibition ended successfully at Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center. As the largest and most professional annual event in the air energy heat pump and even the clean heating industry, this exhibition attracted more than 400 air energy heat pumps and related companies, as well as more than 50,000 professional visitors from 30 countries and regions. Nulite, a well-known brand in the air energy industry in my country, was invited to bring a variety of star products such as drying and refrigeration integrated machine, U+ dual energy·floor heating central air conditioner, 60P frequency conversion grain dryer, air energy water heater, G100KD ultra-low temperature commercial heat pump, etc. Attended this exhibition.
In the three-day period, the exhibition hall of Nulite Air Energy was very popular every day, and professional audiences such as dealers, engineers, purchasers, media staff and so on came to consult in an endless stream. The professional reception staff sent by Nulite were enthusiastic to answer the questions of the exhibiting merchants on the spot, and obtained the recognition of the exhibiting merchants in a simple and unpretentious way. There are not a few that have reached cooperation intentions on the spot. Among the many exhibits brought by Nulite, the one that attracted the most attention from visitors and industry peers was the drying and refrigerating integrated machine that won the “Innovative Product Award” at the exhibition just now.

The drying and refrigeration integrated machine integrates the two functions of refrigeration and drying. It can not only provide refrigeration services for vegetables and fruits in rural households, the temperature is about 4 ℃; it can also be used as materials (including clothes, sausages, vegetables, etc.) by heating. , Fruits, medicines, etc.) for drying at a temperature of about 60°C. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of the difficulty of installing traditional drying equipment and the need to build a drying room, the drying and refrigeration integrated machine does not need to be installed when it is used. After the farmer purchases it, plug it in and use it directly at home. As one of the earliest companies engaged in air energy production in my country, since its establishment, Nulite has been focusing on the innovation of air energy heat pump applications and promoting productivity with technology. The various air energy products it produces have continuously won markets, users and distribution. While favored by businessmen, it has also made a positive contribution to achieving carbon neutrality.

At this exhibition, Nulite, with its excellent product quality and years of continuous contributions in the field of green energy, successfully passed a series of tests conducted by the National Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center-Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and obtained China Baking The first carbon footprint certificate for dry heat pumps. This is not only the recognition of Nulite’s strong corporate strength, but also to the market that Nulite can provide the market with more efficient and clean air drying products. At this heat pump exhibition, Nulite has gained a lot, and won unanimous recognition and affirmation from inside and outside the industry. In the future, Nulite will continue to innovate and launch more newer and more practical air energy products to contribute its greatest strength to the healthy development of the air energy industry, as well as to achieve “carbon neutrality” and reduce carbon emissions.