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How to raise aquatic products in winter? Nuentai air energy heat pump easily solves hot water problems


As we all know, every New Year and Spring Festival are peak seasons for the sale of fish, shrimp and other aquatic products. In order to sell for a good price when the spring starts next year, many farmers will breed overwintering fish and shrimp. But fish and shrimp, like humans, have very high temperature requirements. For example, shrimp, shellfish nursery, grouper, eel, etc. require water temperature of about 22°C to 25°C. If the temperature is lower than this temperature, fish and shrimp will stop growing at a slight degree, and may be frostbite or freeze to death in severe cases, which will bring huge economic losses to farmers. So, how to ensure a higher survival rate of overwintering fish and shrimp? The simplest and most critical method is to control the water temperature and increase the temperature of the breeding water.

In the past, farmers generally used gas, coal, oil boilers and other equipment to make hot water. Although these equipment can heat cold water, there are hidden dangers such as high pollution and high risk. The most important thing is that they cannot automatically control the temperature. A large number of skilled and experienced workers are required to monitor the fire and the pool 24 hours to add or reduce in time. Fuel to ensure that the pool water temperature will not cause problems. In addition, there are hidden dangers such as manual monitoring, insufficient temperature control, or accidents due to worker negligence.



However, in recent years, with the development of science and technology and the promotion of the national “coal-to-electricity” project, more and more aquaculture farms have gradually abandoned the traditional methods of the past and switched to various new aquaculture equipment, such as In 2019, Zhongwei Aquatic Products Company of Dandong City, Liaoning Province installed an air energy heat pump to provide 1,200 tons of hot water per day for the company’s aquatic base.

Air energy heat pump is a kind of equipment that uses free heat in the air as the main heating energy, plus a small amount of electricity to produce a large amount of hot water. The heat pump does not use coal, natural gas and other fuels when it works, does not produce open flames, and does not emit toxic and harmful exhaust gas. Therefore, the use of air energy heat pumps is not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also free of fire, explosion, poisoning and other safety hazards. At the same time, because the “electricity-heat” conversion method is not used for heating, the water and electricity are separated when the air energy heat pump is used for heating. There are no electrical components in the water tank, and the manufacturing heat efficiency is as high as 400%, which is 4 times that of electric water heaters and 2 times that of gas boilers. Times.

In this hot water project, Nulite staff took into account the characteristics of cold, low temperature, snow, and long frost time in Dandong City in winter, and used Nulite low-temperature air energy heat pumps. This heat pump uses internationally renowned compressors, intelligent electronic expansion valves, titanium spoiler fin evaporators, as well as a variety of new equipment such as DC frequency conversion technology, jet enthalpy technology, antifreeze protection system, automatic defrost technology, etc. The technology and performance are all upgraded to ensure that it can work normally even in the extremely cold environment of -35°C, ensuring sufficient hot water and accurate temperature control, and the entire heating process does not require manual monitoring.

According to the relevant staff of aquatic products company, the heat pump has been running well in the past year without any problems. In addition, in addition to producing hot water, Nuentai air-energy heat pumps can also produce low-temperature cold water in the summer, which is not only practical, but also saves the purchase cost.