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how to live off the grid: a beginner’s guide

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Mark Turner/Getty Imagesday technology.
Others dream of a simpler life. much simpler.
If you are in the latter group, it can be said that you may want to know how to live off the grid.
But how did you do it?
Anyway, what exactly is the \"grid?
Initially, the grid refers to the power system in the United States.
It is estimated that 200,000 Americans have pulled the plug from this power network and chose more of themselves.
Enough ecology
Friendly choice for solar and wind.
Today, the term \"off-grid life\" also refers to the diversion of gas and sewer lines (
(At least as much as possible)
, Cut off your mobile phone service and usually get rid of the dependence on technology and external resources.
Sometimes far away. Off-
In essence, the goal of gridders is to reduce the carbon footprint. In short, lead the simpler and more self-developed development. Plenty of life.
It\'s hard, but, if you commit, it\'s totally doable.
If you want to learn how to live off the grid, read on. (
And then down from the internet-
This is the first step).
Moving to the countryside . . . . . . If you live on the land, you want it to be a land of plenty, right?
For this reason, off-
Building houses in rural areas with abundant natural resources.
Places with wind, solar and water reserves, such as rivers, lakes and Wells, are ideal. (
You can search the waterfront property on the real estate dealer website. com. )
Become a modern
People live not far from the grid when they move.
Best Author Steve Santagati
Sell the \"manual\" last year by swapping his home in Los Angeles 72-square-
He became a fully functional home.
\"Our idea is to have the comfort of an ordinary family, but to be completely self-contained
Rely only on mother nature and your wisdom . \"
Narrow your protection. the-
Custom grid home
Built for the highest efficiency
This means there is no wasted space for heating or cooling. (
Small family is the perfect choice for this. )
\"Spend a lot of time researching and planning a comfortable space that suits your lifestyle,\" said Santagati . \".
He suggested designing something simple, ergonomic, with flowing space.
Keep it clean and messyfree.
\"Remember, you won\'t have a big house, so you will make a compromise.
But return and freedom are worth it.
You may have been out of the grid, but you can still generate electricity.
Sustainable resources like wind turbines (
Prices range from $500 to $2,500)
Or solar panels.
AsaGoal zero snowman solar generator for used Renogy Santagati solar energy 100 watt single crystal silicon solar panel (
\"Retail price is about $1,300 \").
Since there is no longer a traditional socket, the generator provides a place to plug in the electronics.
Many people who live outside the grid grow their own food in the garden.
At the same time, it\'s best to cook \"with one-
\"The burner propane stove top,\" Santagati said . \".
Outdoor fire pits and barbecue facilities are also available.
Most of us can use microwave popcorn (
At least for a while.
But we all need to keep food from spoiling.
Santagati bought a Whynter portable refrigerator with small power consumption (
79 Watts at runtime).
\"Your refrigerator, water pump and TV display will burn the most juice, so choose wisely,\" Santagati said . \".
Find a water source and you can still shower, sink and toilet outside the grid, but the amount of water you will be using will decrease dramatically. “One 15-or 20-
\"The gallon tank is enough,\" Santagati said . \".
\"Where do you get water\"
In the well, in the reservoir, in the river, etc. —
Depending on your situation.
\"You also need to come up with a way to deal with other people flushing the toilet.
If you don\'t have a bathroom-
Compost toilet with zero water is an option
No waste-holding tank.
To save valuable indoor space, set up a shower outside the home.
\"Open hot water using the apropane can-
\"Eccotemp heaters are required,\" Santagati said . \".
\"I bought the latter for $125 and it came with apump.
\"Also keep in mind: no washing machine means that you need to carefully select the wardrobe for function and durability.
If this book makes you curious (
Instead of nausea, stress, grab your iPad for dear life)
Who knows?
Maybe it\'s for you to leave the grid.
Or, at least, consider limiting your energy consumption (
Additional benefits: you can save on home repairs).
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