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how to keep your house warm this winter

by:NULITE     2019-08-15
Unlike more modern buildings, old houses may deal with heat and moisture, so from the point of view of the whole system, thinking about measures that may affect the function of building structures, and how the heat is distributed through your home.
Consider having experts conduct an energy audit where they can check the status quo of your home from an energy efficiency perspective and recommend the most effective and affordable ways to improve.
On average, about the heat loss is through the roof, 35 through the walls, 15 through the floor, 25 through the windows and checkers.
But insulated roofs are usually much cheaper than solid ones.
Wall insulation, so it is often a cost-
Effective first step.
Double glazing can greatly improve the warmth and block noise from the streets.
This may not be a good option in some old houses as it can capture moisture and increase the risk of moisture.
In this case, the blinds and heavy curtains may be better able to isolate the cold air.
However, regardless of your situation, here are 10 suggestions to make any old house more comfortable.
Thinking out of the box can provide new ideas for domestic energy conservationthought-
Landscaping around the house can help improve its livability by filtering the strong summer sun and blocking the cold wind in winter.
Also known as solar tubes or light tunnels, they bring free natural daylight to darker corners, saving power lighting.
More natural light is also very good to promotebeing. GSHPs using fluid
A filling pipe buried in the garden to extract the thermal energy generated by the natural temperature difference.
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