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How to choose a good air source heat pump?

by:NULITE     2019-12-10
Since the implementation of the policy of changing coal to electricity, air sources have been accepted by more and more ordinary people. At the same time, air source enterprises have sprung up like mushrooms. According to incomplete statistics from relevant agencies, there are now 400 or 500 air source brands. So many air source brands make it more difficult for people to buy air sources. So, how should we choose a good air source host? Let's take a look at it. First, look at the Energy Efficiency ratio, that is, the nominal heat (Cooling capacity)Ratio to operating power. Generally speaking, the higher the energy efficiency ratio, the more power the air source. Therefore, energy efficiency ratio is an important parameter to measure the performance of air source. Look at the Energy Efficiency ratio, from two aspects. 1. Look at the China Energy Efficiency logo marked on the product. At present, China's energy efficiency labels divide energy efficiency into 5 grades: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Grade 1 indicates that the products have reached the international advanced level, * saving electricity, I . e. low energy consumption; Level 2 indicates comparative power saving; Level 3 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is the average level of the Chinese market; Level 4 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is lower than the market average; Level 5 is the market access index, and products below the level requirements are not allowed to be produced and sold. 2, look at its standard working conditions-COP value of space-time gas source at 12℃. Generally speaking- At 12℃, the heating COP of reliable low-temperature air source heat pump units is mostly 2. More than 3. Therefore, when purchasing an air source, one is to look at its energy efficiency logo, and the second is to pay attention-Whether the COP value is greater than 2 at 12℃. 3. Second, look at the type of compressor is compared to the heart of the heat pump unit, its performance is very important; At present, the commercial large-scale heat pump unit is superior to the compressor of the US Valley wheel. Of course, it is necessary to ensure that it is the original factory, in case that some manufacturers use the repaired compressor with shoddy. Third, look at the production license, because air source heat pump is a professional product with strict technical requirements, the product you want to choose first depends on whether it has obtained the national industrial product production license issued by the State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine ( According to the certificate number provided by the manufacturer, you can check the authenticity on the Internet to prevent forgery. The following certificates are the same) Enterprises without certificates can be regarded as illegal production. The products have not been tested by the national authorities, and the quality and performance are difficult to be guaranteed. At the same time, manufacturers, distributors and consumers must bear relevant responsibilities, as consumers, they should choose carefully. Taking it as the key point is mainly based on the following two points: A. Reduce the legal risk to zero and make A purchase without legal risk; B, can eliminate more than 95% of heat pump products, only choose what you want from 5%, effectively reduce risks and workload, improve accuracy fourth, look at service guarantee, we mainly look at its after-sales service, general air source products have a three-pack policy. Its repair time can reflect the failure rate of its products from the side. Generally, the brand's low-temperature air source repair time is more than two years. Secondly, when purchasing, choose the local dealer's brand, so that when there is a problem with the machine, it can be solved in time. Therefore, when purchasing an air source, pay attention to its repair time.
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