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house works: winter prep for snowbirds; ice dams

by:NULITE     2019-09-16
How should I prepare my house before winter in Florida. Can I leave this place without heat? I plan to drain and cut off the supply in the house it is a good idea to turn off the water supply if it leaks, but I will keep the heat around 10 °c (50ºF)
Because it is difficult to discharge all the water from the inside of the washing machine, ice maker, water softener and other electrical appliances.
If there is still a bit of water in these things, it will cause expensive repairs or replacements when you come back.
Keeping the heat slightly can also ensure that the wall or floor surface does not break because it is too cold.
It\'s not always dangerous, but it happens sometimes.
Do you have a safety valve on the main drain that leaves your house? This prevents sewage from being backed up from the municipal system to your basement in the event of a flood.
Since you will not monitor things at home, it is a wise choice to install such a valve.
They are called return valve or return valve.
Also, for more peace of mind, consider installing one or more wireless cameras in your house.
No matter where you are, it\'s best to show you how your phone or computer is used. —————
-How can I stop the ice dam from forming on my roof-and-a-
Half-story house, built in the 1880 s, loose-
Fill the insulation to fill the entire attic space along the edge of the shallow roof.
Push the insulation a bit back to allow ventilation, eliminate the ice dam, and push the insulation back may not solve your problem.
What you want is a cold roof and improving ventilation can sometimes help you do this.
But other times, due to a roof design like yours, it is not always possible to create a roof surface that is cool enough to prevent snow from melting when it is slightly below freezing.
When this happens, the melted water flows down the roof, meets the cold eaves, and freezes.
This process continues to form an ice dam.
The longer the temperature conditions last, the greater the ice dam.
The problem with pushing the insulation back is that if the reduction in the insulation causes additional heat loss, you may still have an ice dam.
This is where roof heating cables can help.
They work very well and they will last a long time if you have good.
The best product I have seen so far is by a name called Heat-Line ; 800-584-4944). ——————
-What glue should I use to fix the vinyl coating that comes off the door frame of my sliding door. Vinyl looks good and just needs to be re-opened.
I know the best option is to contact cement.
What you need to be waterproof, thin enough to fit tightly between Vinyl and wood, and to be able to combine with porous and non-porous materials
Porous materials.
Contact cement provides all these qualities.
Test a small piece of vinyl with some contact cement to make sure there is no adverse reaction.
If everything looks good, roll in contact with cement on wood and vinyl, let it dry completely, and then roll another coating before letting it dry again and apply vinyl to wood.
You can\'t move the vinyl once it drops, so aim well.
Apply a lot of pressure from the palm of your hand to make the glue connection permanent.
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