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House Beautiful: The season to sparkle

by:NULITE     2019-09-21
Who said you have to hang a evergreen tree and cover it with metal foil to make your house look like Christmas
Is y used for holidays?
Not Beverly Robinson, of course.
She is the master of a dining table with a white corset to the huge wreath on the garage door, a huge green ball in the outdoor urn, and a cream of fresh holly trees to set up the scene, and the \"necklace\" that hangs the sparkling ball on the window frame \".
Her cloak is a life. sized carved-
A pine cedar cubhatted St.
Cross-riding Nick
He obviously doesn\'t need a traditional sledge either.
Her foyer chandelier is dotted with green and silver garlands, with decorations and fresh mistletoe parasites hanging on Christmas and New Year\'s Eve.
She has so many Merry Christmas gear that someone wants to know where she puts everything: \"That\'s why we have a barn,\" she admits.
\"My husband just took Kubota (mini tractor)
After the holiday, move everything there.
Beverly and Allen moved to the island from Mississauga, Ontario.
In 2000, 10 acres of land were purchased at Mill Bay as a rural nursing home.
\"When the house was being built, we lived in a 1/2 cabin in 1927, and my sister Barb and I cast our magic.
We tore off the carpet, painted the floor, and painted everything.
It is very rural. There are many termite, bees and mice, but it is very interesting.
She and her twin sister
She was just 70 years old and celebrated with her daughter. She had four bracelets on her wrist --
Interior design has long been favored.
The fun of their retirement includes a project they call twin touch, \"a new look with nothing new\", which sees them doing home makeup for friends and neighbors with anything at hand.
Resourceful Twins don\'t charge a penny.
\"We do this for fun,\" and there is a steady stream of customers, including a golf club that needs to prepare the stage for the holidays.
The design is not new to the family.
Beverly and Allen\'s three children are creative and engaged in a variety of design businesses.
Barb\'s daughter, Leslie Harrington, is an international renowned color authority and one of the experts Oprah often recommends. (
See page e9 for related stories, colorful Oracle. )
\"My sister and I grew up with a very talented mother.
We learned the trick from her . \"
\"This is our gene.
My sister, my niece, my daughter.
We are all the same.
If Allen doesn\'t like what Beverly made up, he never worries: \"I know she will change it soon.
She kept walking around.
\"That\'s why their floor was scratched,\" Beverly joked.
\"I love decorating, finishing cabinets, bookcases, cabinets\" and their fourbedroom, five-
The bathroom was perfect.
She was also an art master who once ran a bed and breakfast: \"My friends told me that I would be exhausted in three years and I did.
We are very, very busy.
In the first year, a couple came from the UK for a week;
The second year they came.
The third is three weeks, during which I made 21 different breakfasts a day and served in different places around the house and the property.
\"I shut down B and B when they said they were coming for a month.
\"Now, when their three children, spouses and seven grandchildren come to visit, the extra space comes in handy.
On one occasion Beverly even turned her crawl space into a photo --
Perfect dormitory for grandchildren.
She posted a sign on the door that said \"only grandchildren\" and the young people were excited about their little hiding place.
Allen noted that he and his wife, who had been married for 45 years, had very different views on the design of their nursing home.
\"I want the country style, she wants the modern style.
At first we worked with two different architects and there was no progress in the discussion and planning . . . . . . But then we found Wil Pereeboom (
Victoria Design Group)
He is a godsend.
\"He\'s great,\" said Beverly.
After talking to us for an hour, he succeeded.
His painting was almost perfect right away, with sea views in every room.
\"The result is a charming, open, timeless rural home, with the decoration being the area of Beverly, with Allen in charge of the system.
The mechanical engineer explained that they wanted one.
But I decided to take advantage of this leaning house and add some so-called cheap rooms below.
\"The house has a geothermal system,\" There are three. tonne water-to-
Water heat pump \", about 8 feet at low tide, radiant heat on all floors, 6-inch-
Thick walls, heat recovery systems and concrete tile roofs.
Allen estimates that the geothermal system may pay for itself in the next five years.
But maybe the three of him
Garage with wooden door made by real transport Door Company
Port GEG, Washington.
The double doors are not rolled up.
Since there is a single overhead track divided into \"Y\", they swing wide silently and remotely. ” (
Watch videos online. )
Please note that Allen is not allowed to park any vehicles there in the weeks after the vehicle is built.
His wife had to decorate it first, then turn it into a bistro, and invite friends and relatives to the banquet to name the space.
Some holiday design tips in Beverly: wrap the hanging bar with a white corset and hang the ribbon trim on the window.
Arrange small decorative trees on the table or coffee table.
Green is the most important accessory, she uses labor for safety and convenience.
\"I like the taste of fresh pine trees, but you can\'t bend and mold. ” • Don’t over-
Decoration, take photos when you have questions.
\"When you see a picture of the room, you will know what to change;
You can find confusion and any design errors.
\"She is decorated in gold, silver, white and red\" as pop music.
\"The dining table is decorated with festive tree decorations with the names of the guests.
\"Buy it when you see something you like.
It will always suit your decor.
\"Hang the net light outside the window on the small hook.
\"It\'s so simple and effective.
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