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High energy saving, Nulite air source swimming pool machine becomes the preferred hot water solution for constant temperature swimming pool


Summer is the peak swimming season. Compared with ordinary swimming pools, many people prefer to swim in heated swimming pools, because heated swimming pools are not only comfortable for swimming, but also more conducive to swimmers to exert their strength. A constant temperature swimming pool must have a heating system. In the past, pool operators used gas, oil, coal boilers, etc., but in recent years, with the rise of the concept of green environmental protection, a product called "air source heat pump" , Has become the preferred equipment for constant temperature swimming pool.

Next, let the editor take Nulite New Energy Heat Pump Group, who used to provide air, energy, and hot water services for many large professional swimming venues such as Guangzhou Olympic Center Swimming Stadium, Jakarta Asian Games Swimming Stadium and Sukarno Stadium Swimming Stadium. Take Thai air-energy swimming pool machine as an example, to introduce the advantages of air-energy swimming pool machine.
High security. The air source swimming pool machine works on the working principle of a heat pump. It only needs a small amount of electric energy, plus a large amount of air heat, to produce hot water. There is no open flame, no exhaust gas emission, and no safety hazards such as fire, explosion and poisoning. At the same time, the maximum outlet temperature of the Nulite air source swimming pool machine is only 40℃, which eliminates the possibility of scalding accidents.

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In addition, in order to truly provide swimmers with a safe and reassuring swimming environment, the interior of the Nuentai air-energy swimming pool machine is also equipped with a "triple disinfection and filtration protection": disinfection and pH adjustment system to perform swimming pool water circulation into the pool. Anti-virus, and automatically adjust the PH value to neutral; sand filter, use a special filter sand to eliminate tiny dirt or suspended particles (such as dandruff, dust, etc.) in the pool water; hair collector, filter the pool water Hair or other solid particles. The application of "triple disinfection and filtration protection" can not only ensure the cleanliness of water quality, but also reduce the labor intensity of swimming pool workers, which can be called two birds with one stone.
Strong energy saving. Because the main heating energy of Nulite air energy swimming pool machine is not from electricity, electricity is only the energy used to run the heat pump, so Nulite air energy swimming pool machine is very electricity-saving when running, and consumes only one-fourth of the energy of electric boilers and gas One-half of the boiler. Take the Sukarno Stadium Swimming Center as an example. The stadium originally used 6000KW pure electric heating equipment, which consumes 75,000 kWh of electricity per day. After switching to Nulite air energy swimming pool machines, only 16,000 kWh of electricity per day is needed, which can save a day The electricity is 59,000 kWh, which is equivalent to saving 23,600 kg of standard coal every day and reducing 58800 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. The effect is equivalent to planting 11,500 big trees.

High degree of intelligence, simple and convenient installation. The nulite air energy swimming pool machine has a built-in microcomputer control program. As long as the user sets it in advance, the swimming pool machine will automatically run to complete a series of tasks such as water addition, heating, and heat preservation. The whole process does not need to be manually monitored, saving labor costs. At the same time, the nulite air-energy swimming pool machine occupies a very small area when installed, and does not require a special boiler room, and can be installed anywhere in the swimming pool.

Fourth, the scope of application is wide. Nulite air energy swimming pool machine can be used not only in professional swimming pools, but also in swimming pools in hotels, guesthouses, schools, factories, villas and other places. If users have special needs, Nulite can also provide customized services. For example, in the Lianhuafeng Infinity Seawater Pool Project in Haimen, Shantou, Guangdong, Nulite specifically targets the corrosiveness of seawater and additionally provides anti-corrosion treatment for the unit.