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Here is why "water circulation air conditioner" becomes more and more popular.


Air conditioner has become a necessity for every family when a hot summer.

 news-Here is why water circulation air conditioner becomes more and more popular-NULITE-img

Because of "fluorine air conditioner" that destroys the earth's ozone layer, more consumers will choose the "water air conditioner" to heating and cooling house.

What exactly is "water air conditioner"? which is widely popular by users, and has also been recommended by many experts? Let me have a description.


Composed of two combined system of air source heat pump.


As a star product of "water air conditioner", the dual system of air source heat pump is popular in the market. It is composed of an outdoor host (air source heat pump), terminal equipment (indoor heat exchange, refrigeration system), transmission and distribution system, and control system. It meets the needs of heating and cooling.


The construction of the dual system 


01 heat pump host

Before selecting the heat pump host, it is best to know the local minimum temperature, water supply temperature and precipitation, door and window standards, etc. in advance to ensure the thermal insulation of the door and window. 


02 Transmission and Distribution System

The transmission and distribution system includes energy storage buffer water tank, expansion water tank, water pump, pipeline valve, sub-catchment and water balances. The buffer water tank can increase the water capacity of the small system, store cold and heat, and the temperature of the system changes more smoothly, avoiding the frequent start and stop of the unit when the host is running at low load, and can effectively extend the service life of the host.


03 End System

End systems include fan coils, low temperature radiators, floor heating, and capillary nets.


04Control system

The control system includes power supply, control line and control switch, etc., and the control panel is wired control, wireless, and Internet of things intelligent control.

Personalized comfort experience has gradually become the pursuit of many families. The air supply heat pump dual supply provides accurate temperature control, small indoor temperature fluctuations, quieter operation, high energy efficiency, and obvious energy-saving economic advantages.




01 multiple functions

An air source heat pump system has multiple functions, there is no need of multiple installation of systems.

The air source heat pump two systems has one source and two ends, and one heat source, which uses the heat pump unit to supply cold water in summer and hot water in winter. The two ends refer to the end system where the radiant heating end and the fan coil co-exist.


02 Better for energy efficiency

The air source heat pump combined system has good energy-saving performance, and its operating cost is lower than the combination of multi-lined and wall-hung furnace in the fluorine system. The operating principle of the system is to drive the compressor with very little electric power in winter, absorb a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air and convert it into high-temperature heat energy, generate hot water not exceeding 55 ℃, and circulate as a heat medium in the dedicated floor heating pipeline. heat.

03 more comfortable

After the outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant, the cold and hot water generated by heat exchange with water is then exchanged with indoor air. The temperature difference during the heat exchange is only about 5 ° C, the wind is soft, the comfort is very high, and the moisture in the air is not easy to lose , The human body feels more natural and comfortable.

04 Beautiful installation without occupying land

Two air source heat pumps are provided for concealed installation.

In terms of heating, air source heat pumps are used to heat water, and then heat energy is transferred through floor heating pipes. The heat pump host heats the water and then introduces it into the floor heating pipe to transfer it to each room.

In terms of refrigeration, the two power supplies are connected to the central air coil and erected on the ceiling. The air coil is connected to the air source heat pump host.

news-NULITE-Here is why water circulation air conditioner becomes more and more popular-img