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heat pumps putting load on grid

by:NULITE     2019-09-13
Heat pumps are used more and more as Air
Air conditioning has forced state grid operator Transpower to cope with the unexpected peak power demand in the summer.
Transpower executives told the council\'s business committee yesterday, especially in Auckland, that residents use heat pumps to cool their homes in hot weather and that demand for electricity has increased significantly.
As an effective heat source, these units are becoming cheaper and more popular, but can also be used as air-conditioners.
Transpower Chairman Wayne Brown said winter peaks in heater use are a common problem, but the increase in power demand in the summer presents new challenges.
Summer peaks are now approaching winter peaks, he said.
\"There was a big gap before, so you can pull out some lines for maintenance more easily in the summer. . .
But the gap is gradually narrowing, and we have been using it.
\"At the same time, the efficiency of the heat pump helps to limit winter peaks,\" he said.
Transpower is working with the energy efficiency and Protection Agency on this issue.
Asked about the Resource Management Act and the difficulties it has in achieving its grid upgrade goals, Transpower chief executive Patrick Strange said it was not the case
The main problem is the placement of power lines and towers.
Legislation means that, despite rights
The 1992 towers are in their place and there is no easement or ability to limit what is going on below them.
This makes dealing with farmers more difficult and built in
There is nothing to stop the \"underground building\" where the house is built under the line.
On February, when a cable crashed and damaged three houses in south Auckland, Transpower was right for whip fl.
This makes maintenance difficult, Dr. Strange said, and it is necessary to find a way to prevent the occurrence of deficiencies. -
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