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hayes, trotman learn “the science behind the solider” in natick

by:NULITE     2019-09-16

The most recent afternoon, after practice, drove to Nautica, Massachusetts. to the U. S.
Research, Development and Engineering Center for Army Natick soldiers.
Since 1954, the center-
Also known as the Natick lab.
The mission of the United States is to ensure that American soldiers get the best food, the best protection and the most liquid army in the world.
The Bruins witnessed the authorization for the operation.
Upon arrival, an obstacle route is extended on a piece of land in front of the building that constitutes the research facility and test laboratory.
Military staple food and equipment designed by the center are placed here.
Hayes learned how the helmet saved life by preventing shrapnel from passing through.
He tried the equipment.
About 90 pounds of the shares.
Showed him the lemon stick cake with Omega.
Help with inflammation, caffeine-containing food rations such as chewing gum and beef, chocolate energy bars with calcium and vitamin D to help with stress fractures and injuries and even food that can withstand the worst conditions.
Athletes are no different from the United States. S.
One soldier explained that such an army soldier needed energy and nutrition to reach the best level.
Both are burning calories.
In addition to the live feeding and life support system, the world of nsdec-
First-class scientists, engineers and equipment designers provide clothing, precision airdrops and ballistic, chemical and laser protection systems to the American army.
Hayes even made a turn in the obstacle course, testing the movement of equipment in all cases, passing through tunnels, up and down stairs and a series of aerobics.
\"Obstacle classes are challenging, I\'m just doing weight, those guys are using 90-
\"Put on a pound vest and a bullet proof coat, so it looks very impressive,\" said Hayes . \".
\"I can only imagine how hard this is.
\"Brown Bear also witnessed the work of the climate control system in the laboratory, saw a room that could be far below freezing point, and could also enter 100 heat-
It is wise to imitate the climate in which the soldiers live.
Hayes got some momentum at the soldiers of nsdec, and he jogged on the treadmill, which helped to study the agility of gears in different atmospheric environments.
He and Trotman saw more technology in their work and they were taken on a trip to see how the nattik Lab put time into the science behind the \"soldiers\"
\"It\'s interesting --
It\'s always good to go to a facility they are training to protect us and serve us every day, \"Hayes said.
\"It\'s really amazing to see the technology and everything they\'re going through, something they\'re using and continuing to develop.
\"I am very grateful to the military,\" Hayes continued . \"
\"I have a lot of friends in the army, if not them . . . . . . They protect and protect their lives outside every day.
\"Hayes and Trotman\'s appreciation goes further than just saying --
On November, both Bruen and his teammates donated $15,000 worth of tickets to the local military and their families to participate in the Bruen/Avalanche game in TD Garden.
12 then meet them.
\"In the grand plan of things, it\'s a small and small thing, but it\'s good to be able to do something that is at least giving back and expressing my gratitude to them, Trotman said.
While donating tickets, Bruins held a military appreciation night on November.
Pay tribute to all veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces.
The entire brown bear team is wearing disguised spies.
Warm Jersey
During the race, ups and camouflage tape indicated their support.
The soldiers present and their families were commended throughout the competition.
The Bruins Foundation 50/50 sweepstakes will benefit the New England Warriors sled hockey team, and the ticket donation will support the Delta Dog operation, whose mission is to save homeless dogs from the Massachusetts sanctuary and breed
Rescue teams, then in turn, train them to work as service dogs with local veterans with trauma and post-traumatic mental trauma.
However, the player\'s appreciation is far beyond the night.
\"I have always been very grateful to all of our soldiers,\" Trotman said . \".
\"It\'s good to be able to spend some time with them and see them, it\'s cool to see them get excited and enjoy watching the game.
Obviously, if it weren\'t for them, we wouldn\'t be able to do what we do, play hockey and enjoy all these little things.
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