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Green transformation of the aquaculture industry, Nulite helps Hebei chicken farms to reduce costs and increase benefits


As an important part of my country’s agriculture, the field of livestock and poultry breeding has a huge operating system and a market size of 100 billion yuan has also made it a “soldier battleground” in the clean heating industry. As a leading brand in the air energy industry, Nulite has accumulated advanced and rich engineering experience and has made outstanding achievements in the field of aquaculture heating. Hebei Yayuan Breeding Co., Ltd., a demonstration base of the Baoding Comprehensive Test Station of the National Layer Industry Technology System and a scientific research base of the Hebei Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Research, uses Nulite air energy heat pumps to heat the chicken coops.

Project Overview

Project Name: Hebei Yayuan Breeding Co., Ltd.

Project address: Lingshou County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Heating area: 9 chicken houses, 10,000 square meters of heating

Unit configuration: G60KD ultra-low temperature heat pump

In the process of chicken house breeding, temperature is an important factor in determining the growth of chicken flocks. The temperature is too low or fluctuates greatly, it is easy to cause the death of the chickens, and the chickens are also easy to get sick, so the accuracy and adjustability of the temperature are very important. But a fundamental guiding principle is to keep the overall temperature of the chicken house stable within a certain range, and keep the temperature difference in each part of the chicken house as small as possible.


The air energy heat pump has incomparable advantages for the conservation of chickens and the heating of major livestock and poultry, as follows:

1. Improve survival rate and increase economic benefits

The heating end of the chicken house of Hebei County Yayuan Breeding Co., Ltd. is floor heating and fan coils, which dissipate heat evenly, which can effectively reduce heat loss while maintaining smooth indoor air, improve the comfort of the growing environment, reduce temperature differences, and improve the performance of chickens. Survival rate improves the quality and efficiency of farms and greatly improves economic benefits.

2. Constant temperature heating, automatic temperature adjustment

Nulite ultra-low temperature heat pump realizes the intelligent and automatic control of single operation of multiple units. Only need to adjust the temperature, the equipment can run automatically. Adjust the temperature range according to the different stages of the chickens, and control the temperature in the chicken house at each stage to maintain a relatively stable level, which fully meets the constant temperature heating requirements of the breeding greenhouse.


Nulite farm case

3. Save electricity and reduce cultivation costs

Under normal working conditions, air-energy heat pump heating saves 75% of electricity compared to electric heating. According to the “2020 Beijing Agricultural Main Technical Recommendation Catalogue”, even in the cold winter, the average COP of air-energy heat pump is about 2.86, compared with direct electric heating. Energy saving 65%.

4. Environmental protection and pollution-free, ensuring the healthy growth of livestock and poultry

The air energy heat pump will not emit toxic gases during the operation process, will not cause pollution to the environment, reduce the probability of death and illness of livestock and poultry, and ensure the healthy growth of livestock and poultry.

Nulite farm case

China is currently the world’s largest livestock and poultry farming country, and the livestock and poultry meat products provided to the market account for about 1/3 of the world’s total livestock and poultry meat production. Large-scale farming is developing rapidly and green farming has become a common practice. At present, the use of air-source heat pumps in farms has become the norm. Especially with the implementation of the policy of phasing out coal-fired boilers in the northern region, Nulite air-source heat pumps have become coal reduction in the livestock and poultry breeding industry. , Important equipment for coal replacement.