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green renovation rebates funded through cap-and-trade system cancelled

by:NULITE     2019-09-11
A series of rebates from the Ontario government for energy
Efficient decoration was canceled.
A post on GreenOn.
Several residential and commercial rebate projects, including those used for home soil source heat pumps and smart thermostats, have now been closed, Ca website said.
However, the website says the homeowner who submitted the application will receive a rebate.
30 or enter into a work agreement with the participating contractor to complete the work by August. 31.
The rebate plan was announced last year and passed the cap in Ontario-and-
Trade projects through a provincial agency called the Green Ontario fund.
Earlier, Ontario\'s new prime minister said he would fulfill his campaign promise to lift the cap --and-
The trading system and the opposition to federal rules that would impose a carbon tax on provinces that do not have their own carbon pricing system.
Doug Ford, who is expected to be sworn in as prime minister on June 29, said last week that once the legislature resumes work, getting rid of the cap and trade will be his first business.
The New Democrats, who will become the official opposition in the province, attacked Ford\'s plan to cancel the rebate, saying it was \"irresponsible\" to abandon clean air and climate\"
Change the plan without plan replacement.
Ontario has earned nearly $3 billion in a series of capsand-
Trade auctions since Liberals launched the system last year.
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