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green energy package is unveiled

by:NULITE     2019-09-06
The government has announced
The \"green\" transformation plan, which will transform thousands of families every year, will reduce carbon emissions.
Officials said a package of insulation and low insulation was introduced
Carbon technologies, such as solar panels, will help homeowners cut their bills by 2020 by 7 million planned.
There are fears that a package, including fossil fuel taxes, will cause millions of households to face the problem of increasing heating costs to cover the expansion of green energy.
Under these proposals, a package of financing will be provided to householders to install energy efficiency measures and low energy efficiency measures
Carbon heating technology
Pay back by saving energy bills.
It will also guarantee that cash will be paid for homeowners who generate their own thermal energy through technologies such as solar panels, biomass boilers and soil source heat pumps, which are funded by taxing fossil fuel energy supplies.
But there is concern that these costs may be transferred to consumers on the bill.
Spokesman for the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
He said the measures would have a \"negligible impact\" on the bill and would bring \"comprehensive benefits \".
Renewable Heating Incentive Tax (RHI)
It is intended to be launched in 2011 and will not affect today\'s household bill.
Ed Miliband, Minister of Energy and Climate Change, said: \"We need to move from a gradual step towards improving household energy efficiency to a comprehensive national plan --
Great renovation in the UK.
\"We know the scale of the challenge: Wasted energy costs families £ 300 a year on average, and more than any of our emissions come from our families.
Low energy efficiency-
Carbon Energy is the most equitable way to control emissions, save money for families, improve our energy security and protect us from fluctuations in fossil fuel prices.
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