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green builder casey grey practises what he preaches

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It doesn\'t look like a classroom, but Kathy and Natasha Gray\'s rido Forest House are in a way exactly the same.
Charming farmhouse
The stylish home near Manotick village is net zero, which means that due to the roof, it generates at least as much energy as it consumes
Photovoltaic systems have been installed to deliver power to the grid under Ontario\'s microFIT program.
It\'s also built for energy.
Efficiency standards for passive houses (
Grey scheme applying for PHI certification)
Heat and cool with air-
The source heat pump system is not a conventional fossil fuel.
This home is also built in the east.
Get the western axis of the sun in winter.
Because Kathy is the owner of sustainable buildings and is committed to sustainable buildings, this family often opens its doors to those who want to know how good energy is in the spirit of educationEfficient Home-
In this case, Chris Straka, a passive House veteran, designedcan look.
Kathy, for example, said this year\'s \"We want to lead by example\" is the home.
\"We know we shouldn\'t burn fossil fuels.
For what we do today, we should be able to go to bed.
Natasha, a well-trained family and child therapist, added, \"Maybe we can educate people and change the status quo . \".
Help people realize the impact.
We visited our home and were surprised to see that pine flooring was recycled from the Ottawa River.
They say, \"really recycled wood\", the rich glow of this wood from the end of the log is only to make three
A very attractive lesson in sustainable development.
In general, the house is a rectangular house with approximately 2,700 square feet of main living space.
\"We want to keep the building simple and cost --
So we have a rectangular design, \"said Natasha, 34.
\"And then we say, \'OK, how can we play with it,\'\" the outside is not finished yet (
\"This is the contractor\'s home,\" she joked . \"year-oldhusband.
\"Our customers are always the first. ”)
But when it\'s a country
The Eastern White Cedar style porch will surround the outside of the brick to get more living space and to protect the home from overheating in the summer.
Inside is the cathedral.
Large ceiling room overlooking 40
There are also several acres of protected forest. A double-
The side stone fireplace rises to the ceiling, separating the large room from the entrance. It burns bio-
Ethanol fuel, which also proves the air tightness of the house, can overheat the house three times.
\"We just wanted it to be an atmosphere, an entertainment or a romantic evening,\" Casey said . \". The black-and-
The white themed farmhouse kitchen is designed by the StyleHaus interior and built by the kitchen craft to satisfy the gray desire for an eternal look.
It features the tailgate of the warm hair nut sub, used to decorate the same wood throughout the home, as well as concrete countertops that do not fall offgas.
Kitchen and dressing room and five other corngrey projects are finalists for this year\'s housing design award organized by the Greater Ottawa House Builders Association.
Last year, Gray won the GOHBA Green Decoration Award.
There are four bedrooms upstairs, including the couple\'s bedroomeyed, two-year-
My son, Sullivan.
Master, its gorgeous, spa-
Like a suite, at one end, connected to other bedrooms with woodand-
Metal railing \"bridge\" overlooking the big room and entrance.
The ground floor of the strike has a fitness room with a view of the surrounding forest, mechanical area, and the spacious office of the Casey home --based business.
The Gray Man adopts the passive residential standard because the system is performance-
Kathy says it is based on comfort and indoor air quality. Super-insulated (above-
For example, the grade wall is R-
70, by contrast, only R-
24 in most cases)
The home performed well during the Super period
In the cold winter of 2014, this is the first year for a family in a new home. The Greys —
They have an organic diet and have launched a website dedicated to \"conscious\" or sustainable life ()—
From good environmental management to good health, green building is regarded as a preventive strategy in many aspects.
It is OK to live in a home with guaranteed air quality.
\"Why wait until you get sick before you start eating healthy,\" Kathy asked . \".
Natasha added, \"Someone has to shake the foundations of how we build.
If you can improve the quality, it will last longer.
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