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Good news! Completion of our Zengcheng Headquarters

Good news! Completion of our Zengcheng Headquarters


After more than two years, the NULITE new energy (Guangzhou) Co.LtdZengcheng Headquarters Base has been completed and is scheduled to be put into production in June 2019.

NULITE new energy (Guangzhou) Co.Ltd. Zengcheng Headquarters is located in Guangzhou Zengcheng Technology Development Zone, which is one of the three national-level development zones in Guangzhou. It is an advanced manufacturing base and a strategic emerging industry comprehensive base in Guangzhou. The total investment of the whole project is 1 billion yuan, with an area of 100,000 square meters, and the annual production capacity exceeds 1 million sets of air source heat pumps. The headquarters of NULITE new energy Zengcheng covers the headquarters office building and scientific research building, the national standard laboratory and testing centre, the super large modern production line workshop, the advanced storage system and the comfortable staff dormitories and high-class apartments. 

The office building has a total of 14 floors, which can be divided into the lobby, exhibition hall, laboratory, production area, office area and guest room area. There is also a multi-functional meeting room for large conferences, evening parties, cinemas, as well as a gym and staff rest area.

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NULITE new energy (Guangzhou) Co.Ltd.Zengcheng headquarters workshop is equipped with modern production equipment to effectively improve production efficiency and increase production capacity. The workshop is divided into two floors,each floor area is 18000 square meter. The first floor is: production workshop(8000m2), copper pipe welding workshop, the sheet metal workshop, the finished product storage workshop(large commercial machine) and the heavy raw material warehouse, the second floor is a plan for water tank foaming workshop, raw material warehouse and finished product storage warehouse.

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NULITE-Good News Completion Of New Energy Zengcheng Headquarters-2

At present, the NULITE new energy Zengcheng Base plans five production lines of air source heat pump, such as production assembly, leak detection, evacuation, safety test, commodity inspection, final assembly, etc. The production line adopts a drum-type assembly line, which is suitable for assembling large machines and small machines. Different types of machines are divided into large machine lines and small machine lines. All production assembly, evacuation, leak detection, safety test, and commodity inspection can be carried out on this line and specially set up a commercial inspection room for constant temperature; the pressure of production line is 0.6-0.7MPA and install LED tubes.

NULITE new energy (Guangzhou) Co.Ltd. will also look forward to more demand for warmth and comfort of the world. Let the heat pump to be a necessity for human life.