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geothermal heating and cooling.

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Q: geothermal/ground-
Source heat pump (GHPs)?
If you spend some time in the southeast of the United StatesS.
You may be familiar with the air.
Source heat pump.
For those who are not sure what they are, think about the \"buzzing box\" on the side of the home and business \".
These typical heat pumps use outdoor air temperatures to \"dump and gather\" heat energy, exchanging heat and cooling with buildings.
On the other hand, GHPs uses ground temperature as a medium for energy exchange. Thereason?
Large fluctuations in temperature throughout the year--
From below freezing point to record-breaking highs.
However, the ground temperature remains the same (
Wnc and northern Georgia are about 55 degrees throughout the year, about 60 degrees in South Carolina)
It is close to human comfort, with an average of 68 degrees.
Compared to air, this distinction enables GHPscapable to reduce energy consumption and corresponding emissions from 44 to 60%
Source heat pump.
This is also guaranteed that GHPs has a life expectancy of at least twice that of air
Source heat pump;
, The equipment does not have to work as hard as creating 68 degrees of air from 55 degrees ground.
Q: Is GHPs suitable for our climate?
Yes, GHPs is perfect for our climate.
The ground temperature of Ourarea is not only closer to the comfortable temperature of the human body, GHPs is also very effective in removing humidity.
Most of the Southeast United StatesS.
It is considered a climate of \"mixed Humidity.
This classification means that we need to heat as much as cooling, and we have a greater demand for dewetting.
Going wet is important not only for our comfort and health, but also for the health of our buildings.
In fact, GHPs has been shown to be 40% higher than air efficiency
The source heat pump eliminates humidity in summer.
All heat pumps use the same system and equipment to handle these three tasks, which helps to maintain a simple and more affordable price.
However, the higher the efficiency of the heat pump, the better.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, GHPs is the most energy-efficient, environmental-friendly, clean and costly.
Effective system for temperature control.
A epa survey found that among the six different households in the United States, households with GHPs had the lowest energy consumption. S.
Climate tests, even compared to families
High efficiency gas stove and air conditioning.
Q: What about the cost?
A: This has always been a magical question and it is impossible to be ignored when you look at GHPs.
The upfront cost of GHPs is indeed higher as more materials such as pipe materials and installation labor are required.
However, the energy saved can repay the initial investment within seven years.
But this is not the whole story.
Very few of us can pay the total cost of the House and the building in advance, which is why most of us get the loan and pay monthly.
Additional fees paid with GHPs may be a few dollars more than those on monthly mortgages.
However, the amount you can save on energy bills can be tens of dollars a month, sometimes even hundreds of dollars.
This method will then save you money from the first month instead of five or seven years.
The reduction in environmental costs has made the deal sweeter, and for many, this is the biggest factor in choosing to use GHPs for Energy Intelligence.
Source: EPA430-\"Space adjustment: Next Frontier\"R-93-
004, April 1993: www. eere. energy. gov, www. ornl.
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