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Generate income for tobacco farmers and help environmental protection! Nulite Nanping Tobacco Leaf Drying Pilot Project was a complete success


Tobacco farmers often say that “curing tobacco is a treasure from a fire, a good roast is a treasure, and a bad roast is like dung grass.” It can be seen that roasting is a key link in forming the quality of tobacco leaves. In order to improve the quality and drying efficiency of tobacco leaves, and realize intelligent temperature-controlled drying, Nulite drying heat pump has been highly affirmed by the majority of tobacco farmers for its advantages of intelligent temperature control, energy saving and consumption reduction, and convenient use through practical application in the field of tobacco leaf drying .

[Project name]: Pilot plant for drying tobacco leaves in Nanping, Fujian

[Project address]: Jiangfu Village, Dabugang Town, Shaowu City, Nanping City, Fujian Province

[Construction date]: March 14, 2021-April 1, 2021

[Insulation drying room]: The specification of the drying room is 8M×3M×3.5M, the material is civil construction, and it covers an area of 24 square meters.

[Equipment model]: NERS-KF14

[Material drying]: the drying temperature range is 30°-68°, and the drying period is 6-7 days

Good appearance and color, good drying quality

At present, the drying process of flue-cured tobacco generally adopts three-stage and five-step drying in an intensive curing barn. Each process has different requirements for temperature and humidity. A good grasp of temperature and humidity control at each stage is the key to ensuring the quality of tobacco leaves. The Nulite tobacco leaf dryer runs intelligently after setting, and accurately grasps the temperature and humidity of the three stages of yellowing, coloring, and gluten drying to ensure that the tobacco leaves have a good baking maturity, bright color, high oiliness, and sufficient aroma. Meet the high-standard demand of the market and effectively increase the economic income of tobacco farmers.


Energy saving and consumption reduction, assisting industrial upgrading

The Nanping pilot had previously used a coal-fired curing barn for tobacco leaf drying, and the cost of a furnace was about 1300-1400 yuan. In addition, someone needs to be guarded at all times to prevent coal burning from going out. The instability and hysteresis of coal combustion result in large fluctuations in temperature and humidity during the baking process, and the environment for tobacco leaf baking is unstable, and the quality of the tobacco leaf is often not guaranteed. The Nulite drying heat pump has an intelligent control system, which greatly reduces the baking labor and saves time and effort. Precise temperature control ensures the quality of flue-cured tobacco, and the cost is low. Taking the Nanping tobacco leaf drying pilot as an example, a single drying takes 6-7 days, and the drying cost is effectively reduced by more than 50% compared with coal.

Nulite tobacco leaf drying case project

In the key application areas of agricultural drying, the tobacco leaf curing barn is an important facility for tobacco leaf production, which helps reduce the cost of flue-cured tobacco, labor costs, and improves the quality and drying efficiency of tobacco. In recent years, Guangdong, Fujian, Henan, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Chongqing, etc. have carried out air source heat pumps to replace traditional coal-fired flue-cured tobacco pilot work. Nulite high-temperature heat pump drying flue-cured tobacco equipment has the advantages of cleanliness, environmental protection, energy saving, and intelligence. , To achieve convenient management and control, help improve the quality and grade of tobacco leaves, and achieve the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, quality improvement and efficiency. It is a new trend for the development of the barn in the future!