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four seasons energy pilot program

by:NULITE     2019-09-08
Warning of air conditioning and conventional heating equipment;
The technology of geography exchange is coming to a small town near you.
Warning of air conditioning and conventional heating equipment;
Technology of geographic exchange
Also known as soil source heat pump (GSHP)-
Come to a small town near you
The Four Seasons energy pilot project will try out Geoexchange technology in small communities in the Victoria area, which uses Earth and groundwater to heat and cool rooms.
Mirek Piechowski, a consulting engineer, said the Victorian government\'s initiative would prove the effectiveness of the technology.
\"GeoExchange is a new heating and cooling system.
\"It\'s very energy efficient, about 40-
Energy saving 50 cents more than your typical reverse cycle air conditioner, because Victoria is relatively unknown, the government has recognized the need to implement more energy-efficient technologies in the construction, \"Mr Piechowski said.
For more information, please visit the Victoria Business website.
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