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feds announce $5.75m in funding for housing retrofits in toronto, hamilton, kw

by:NULITE     2019-09-12
The federal government has announced $5.
75 million of grants and loans to support the \"deep energy transformation\" of four residential apartments in Toronto, Hamilton and kidina\"Waterloo.
The project, funded by the Canadian municipal federation green Municipal Fund, will work with other measures to transform heating, refrigeration and lighting systems to reduce energy and water waste, officials said.
\"I think we all agree on why we need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings --
This is the biggest, fastest, and cheapest way to deal with climate change, \"said Julia Lange, CEO of the atmospheric fund that led the project.
According to a press release, these modifications will reduce the energy consumption of these buildings and reduce the energy cost of residents.
The project includes measures such as replacing substrate heaters and window air conditioning equipmentin-
First, energy-saving devices, air seals and wind and rain on doors and windows, as well as installation of solar panels and ground and air source heat pumps.
The city said the upgrades were in line with Toronto\'s \"climate change action strategy,\" which included reducing the city\'s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
\"We have done a lot in the Toronto Community Housing Community,\" Mayor John Tolley said in a statement on Monday morning . \".
\"It\'s never enough, [this is]
A big step forward.
\"When you have houses and buildings that account for 45 of our greenhouse gas emissions, you know that initiatives like today --
And then in the neighborhood, in the building of the whole city --[are]
It is very important for the environment, but it is also very important for people.
\"Officials did not immediately provide a list of buildings that will be upgraded in these communities.
According to a press release, a rental apartment building, an apartment building and two low-rise apartments
The income social housing representing close families will be reformed.
The money follows $1. 3-
On April, the federal government announced billions of dollars in funding to address the long-standing community housing problem in Toronto.
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