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Factory staff dormitory hot water project case

Factory staff dormitory hot water project case


Customer requirements:

1. Hot water is used in staff dormitory, and an automatic constant pressure water supply is available.

2. Ensure reasonable water temperature and stable water pressure.

3. About 1000 people, each with 50L hot water, use about 50 tons of hot water every day.

4. It is required to use solar energy to distribute air energy and hot water.

5. Water supply mode: automatic constant pressure water supply.

6. Outlet water temperature: 55 ℃ (the temperature can reach 60 ℃).

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Dormitory hot water engineering scheme:

1. For 1000 people, the water consumption per person is calculated as 50l/ person, and the estimated water consumption is 50 tons per day.

1000 people × 50l/ person =50000l

2. In order to reduce heat loss and improve energy conservation, the water tanks are made of high-density polyurethane with an overall foaming thickness of 50mm, which has a good thermal insulation effect.

3. Install on the roof of the dormitory: five 10p air source heat pumps, five 10 ton insulated water tanks, five air energy circulating water pumps, two pressurized water pumps, equipped with some circulating pipes and control electrical boxes, and the whole system is fully automatic.

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