Leading the fashion and low carbon life is the goal of new energy


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As the global population continues to grow and the existing fuel supply begins to run out, countries will have to find ways to increase their energy supply.
Renewable energy renewable technologies provide a way to increase energy supply, but they tend to be more expensive or less efficient in producing energy than fossil fuels.
They may therefore need government subsidies.
Biological biomass recently
Molding materials extracted from organisms such as chicken feces.
\"Energy from Waste\" plants burn biomass and non-
Recyclable waste power generation.
There are many \"waste energy\" factories in the UK, such as the Ellington quarry in Maidstone, Kent.
Hydropower (HEP)
Hepatitis occurs when the river is trapped behind the dam and used to turn the turbine.
1 in Britain.
It\'s 5% electric.
The most suitable site for dam construction has been used.
Britain is an island country, but it uses very little energy from the ocean.
The waves can use the power of tiny movements on the sea.
The technology is new and expensive at the moment.
The tide can use the larger movement of the tide.
The UK plans to build a tidal lagoon and has recently approved the start of a £ 1 billion tidal lagoon project in Swansea Bay.
Geothermal power generation uses heat inside the Earth to generate electricity.
This is easier in other countries where geothermal is more accessible, such as Iceland.
However, planning permission has recently been obtained to build a geothermal power plant at the Eden Project in Cornwall, drawing energy from the heat in the underground granite rocks.
The soil source heat pumps are a similar idea, but they use solar heat stored on the surface of the Earth.
The British government hopes to increase the use of solar energy by 2020.
Solar panels can be installed in buildings or fields.
They turned the sun into electricity.
New technology means solar panels can generate electricity on cloudy days, which is good for the UK.
Wind power refers to the conversion of air flow into electricity by wind turbines.
Wind speed is consistent in the UK, so this is a good way to generate electricity.
Britain uses turbines on land to generate more wind energy (onshore).
As an island nation, Britain can build more turbines at sea. offshore)
Although these are more expensive. Wind turbines -
A renewable energy source
Global energy use is still dominated by non-renewable energy
Renewable energyThe use of non-
The efficiency of renewable energy can be improved.
This may increase energy supply as fuel usage decreases.
Fossil-fuel coal and natural gas power plants can now be re-built
Use wasted heat.
These are called combinations. cycle systems. Re-
Fossil fuels can be fully utilized by using heat.
In addition, some power plants now burn a small amount of biomass with fossil fuels.
This is co-
It makes the use of fossil fuels longer.
Bulldozers can extract shale gas and oil, which will increase the supply of fossil fuels.
The government recently granted new permits for many energy companies to explore oil and gas in rural Britain.
These sites include parts of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincoln, Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, which are believed to be the most productive areas of shale gas.
Some other locations in southern England are also being considered where shale oil may be obtained by fracking.
Some locations in the UK are within the borders of national parks or environmental sensitive areas, and these proposals have created some land-use conflicts.
Nuclear fuel rods still have some uranium left in them after use.
Post-processing the recovery of uranium from spent fuel rods for reuse.
This does not generate a new supply of uranium, but it does take advantage of the existing supply more effectively.
This means that the uranium supply will last longer.
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