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Enabling green development, the 140,000 m2 heating and hot water project of Shanxi Liulin Coal Mine uses Nulite Heat pump


Shanxi is a large coal-producing province as well as a large coal-consuming province. The environmental pollution caused by coal burning is very serious. Due to the advancement of coal-to-electricity conversion, the country vigorously promotes clean energy. From 2017 to 2019, more than 3.5 million clean heating reforms have been completed. Households, cut nearly 14 million tons of loose coal (source “Taiyuan Evening News”). Many coal companies are also actively replacing new energy equipment, using energy-saving and environmentally friendly air energy heat pumps.

Project Overview

Project Name: Shanxi Luliang Liulin Coal Mine Group Heating + Hot Water Project

Heating area: Chengjiazhuang Coal Mine, Xingjiagou Coal Mine, and Huatai Coal Washing Plant, with a total heating area of 140,000 square meters

Hot water demand: over 350 tons/day

Equipment model: GKD ultra-low temperature heating and cooling heat pump, GD low temperature hot water unit

Liulin Coal Mining Group is mainly engaged in mining resources, coal mining, coal washing and other businesses. In the past, it relied on coal-fired boilers for heating in winter. Since the implementation of the coal-to-electricity policy, the group responded to the call for pollution control and haze reduction. The coal mine, Xingjiagou coal mine, and Huatai Coal Washing Plant were fully renovated, using Nulite  heat pump heating + hot water energy-saving solutions.

140,000 square meters of heating, keep the room temperature above 20℃

Most of the coal mining companies are located in mountainous and rural areas, where people are sparsely populated, the transportation is underdeveloped, and there is no gas pipeline network in the mines. In winter, they face low temperature and bad weather as low as -20°C. Comfortable heating has become a rigid demand for the employees of Shanxi coal mining enterprises. Before the transformation of the project, coal-fired heating requires specialized personnel to be responsible for burning coal. If the work is not in place, it will easily lead to poor heating effect and large heat loss in the plant, which will delay the work progress.

Taking into account the low temperature in the local winter, Nulite decided to use the GKD ultra-low temperature heat pump developed for the cold winter environment in the north after conducting a field inspection of three coal mines and coal washing plants. The unit uses advanced technologies such as jet enthalpy increase, DC frequency conversion, and automatic defrosting to ensure stable operation of the unit under an environment of -35°C. According to feedback from the person in charge of the group, the indoor temperature was kept above 20°C in winter, which was praised by the employees.


Over 350 tons/day, 24 hours of continuous supply of comfortable hot water

The Nulite hot water system has also served the group for nearly 3 years. The coal mines in the three places use a total of over 350 tons of hot water per day. Therefore, large-capacity and large water tanks are used to store water for employees to bathe, in order to prevent the water tanks from freezing in winter. , The engineers also carried out special heat preservation treatment on the water tank, and the hot water was ready for use 24 hours a day, stably providing coal mine workers with comfortable bathing and domestic hot water. The use of Nulite heat pump eliminates the drawbacks of drinking hot water as domestic hot water, reduces plant operating costs, and enhances the happiness of employees.

Heat pump has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, safety and high efficiency. It does not require long-distance laying of heat pipe network. It is a high-quality heating alternative for coal-fired boiler transformation in coal mine enterprises. Nulite is actively working in the field of coal mine heating, providing employees with a comfortable working and living environment, alleviating the pressure of regional environmental pollution, and promoting the process of clean energy heating!