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eco homes: but will it cost the earth…?

by:NULITE     2019-09-05
A ground-
The source heat pump will cut your fuel costs-
Jonny Beardsall said, despite checking the holes in your pocket, you may be too miser considering the soaring cost of fuellike -or too broke -
To turn the dial on the central heating system, throw an extra wood or shovel more coal on your fire this winter.
But not everyone is under pressure.
Forkingham, Sarah and Campbell Norman in Lincoln County
Smith\'s family is as warm as toast, because the couple has-
Willing to accept geothermal technology. Two-and-a-
They installed a ground half a year ago.
The source heat pump is a simple device that continuously collects solar energy stored naturally at low temperatures on the ground near their home.
Their home heating will not become greener or cheaper at the lowest operating cost;
It is completely renewable and produces about half less carbon dioxide than conventional fuel boilers.
The couple are pioneers of enlightened homeowners who are dumping for having a system that has made Scandinavian people comfortable for decades.
In Sweden, 97 new homes are built on-demand, while in the UK, this is still an afterthought, because until recently, compared to the high installation costs of the system, cheap oil and gas are the first choice.
But Sarah, 36, is a partner in Stanford\'s interior design practice, and her 49-year-old husband, Campbell, teaches a furniture protection course at High Wycombe University, and she looks at the future.
\"Eight years ago, we transformed a former dairy farm with two dairy farms into our home. It is open-plan -
Lots of oak and glass, huge living space, as big as a few country halls --
\"Even though it is well insulated, our oil bill is up to £ 7,000 a year, so we are open to anything that reduces fuel costs,\" Sara said . \".
Through Sarah\'s architect brother, they asked Ice Energy, a geothermal company based in Witney, Oxfordshire, to investigate their home.
They say it looks simple.
\"We need an area as large as a tennis court, preferably the grass, so we have designated a part of the paddock,\" she continued . \".
The couple hired a contractor with a large excavator who dug a deep trench and --
In the paddock, it is 400 wide by snake.
Inside, the couple laid a pipe on a sand bed on a loop to and from a pump in their boiler room.
A mixture of water in the pipe and a counter
Freezing around the garden and water pump.
If you have lakes or streams
Sleeping on your property, pipes can even be laid underwater, and the effect is equally effective.
Even if you live in a matchbox, a drill can sink in your patio and extract the heat in the same way.
Andrew Shelton, managing director of Ice Energy, explained: \"The heat pump is essentially a big refrigerator that works in reverse.
The mixture is heated several degrees below the soil, and when it enters the pump, it raises the temperature to 65 °c through a series of heat exchangers and compressors.
\"The couple\'s heat pump looks like a huge refrigerator.
About 3ft square feet, it was built in their boiler room from where it was heated and hot under their floor-
Their water system.
It\'s on all the time.
\"The only cost we have is the power to run the pump,\" Sara said . \".
\"We only set the thermostat at 19C all year round, because although it has huge living space, it is a warm house.
The pump keeps running 24 hours a day and only starts releasing heat when the thermostat tells it, this year until November.
The system provides sufficient hot water for bathing equipment.
\"Too much for most of the time \"-
Computers that use the boiler \"very easy to understand\" can be rejected.
The pump is driven by electricity, for every kilowatt it uses, generating 4 KW of the heat for the home, so it is definitely the way forward.
Free, before you need to replace the pump, the pump will last for 25 years, unlike oil and gas, your lawn will not explode and will not be overwhelmed by smoke because there is no smoke.
The only downside to the cost is that the infrastructure costs are too high.
\"The pump itself and all the pipes --
\"The job is £ 9,000 and another £ 3,000 covers the excavation and plumbing of the existing systems in our house,\" Sara said . \".
\"But when you think about how much it would cost to heat this place before --
Remember, this is a big house.
This is a good move that will happen in four years.
To we of friends left the profound of impression
There are currently six systems being installed.
\"The government seems very enthusiastic.
According to the low-carbon building program launched in April 2006, it provides a £ 1,200 grant to families installing low-carbon buildings.
Better yet, if you work with nPower, Ice Energy will receive a 1,500 discount and other suppliers and Energy companies will certainly follow suit.
The market is snowballing.
Ice Energy was founded in 2000, but half of the 2,000 heat pumps it installed were installed last year.
Currently, it is installing another 100 units in a social housing program in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, as more and more parliaments and developers are aware of the warmth of geothermal energy.
Brrr . . . . . . Think about it, you can enjoy it in the field by next winter --
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