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dive in... outdoors! are you tempted to celebrate summer with an open-air dip? then try one of our top ten british lidos

by:NULITE     2019-09-14
Under the clear blue sky, few things can beat outdoor swimming. Although Britain can\'t guarantee enough sunshine, there is no need to fly abroad for the perfect swimming pool.
More than 125 outdoor swimming pools will be available for diving when the school is disbanded (
Many open year round).
Here are ten of the loveliest lidos in the UK this summer. 1.
Compared to Jesus Green lido in Cambridge, the long swimming pool and even the Olympic swimming pool look small.
Built in 1923, it is 90 metres long and 14 metres wide, incredible.
It is not heated, so it only attracts the Super crowdhot days.
When it\'s quiet at all other times, it\'s perfect for serious swimmers to swim in the country\'s longest driveway. better. org. uk2.
DiversHealth in the pool-and-
Safety issues with diving boards have disappeared in recent years.
But there are three more places to try at the falsham pool in Kent-including a five --Top plate of rice.
The pool is perfect for kids, with a lazy river and lots of shallow water.
However, serious swimmers can usually get some length as most classes have 33-
The one-meter-long driveway winds down from the crowd. favershampools. com3.
\"Green\" pool in Chagford pool, Devon, water from local rivers, heated by air
Source heat pump and solar panel. The 33-
The rice pool was dug by hand in 1933, surrounded by trees and fields.
Volunteers added lovely extras like a second
Hand books for sale, you can have tea at home
Make a cake at the kiosk pavilion by the pool. chagfordpool. co. uk4.
The swimming pool in CampsiteCumbria exceeds the weight of the outdoor swimming pool-it has five.
The Lazonby pool in Penrith is a pool to choose from if you want an old pool
Old Fashioned Holidays
There is a camp next door (
Campers share shower with swimmers)
A river is right next to it, adding bricks and tiles to its rustic charm. lazonbypool. co. uk5.
The big city swimming pool in London has a large number of outdoor swimming pools and many have large sun decks, so it will be crowded in hot weather.
Charlton Lili near Greenwich is a place to attract swimmers regardless of the weather.
This is one of the few Olympic games in this country. size pools.
Heating and opening all year round. better. org. uk6.
The rock pool head in Ilfracombe, Devon is different: you can walk from the ticket counter to the pool through the Victoria Tunnel.
The tunnel beach pool is also unique when you arrive.
Forget the rectangle in the blue rule.
The tidal pool was dug out of the rock in 1823, and the foot was rough. tunnelsbeaches. co. uk7.
Gourock swimming pool is a must-have building pool located in lonfreu County, Scotland
Visit the fans of the 1920 building.
The white walls and iron railings reflect the sweeping curve of the ocean liner starting from the golden age of travel.
It is heated so close to Clyde that you can hear the waves as you swim.
Inverclydelivery. com8.
The last swimming pool in Wales has closed many lidos in recent decades, so swimmers are eager to support Lido Ponti, the last example of Ponti prides.
Community groups helped to renovate the heated pool and kept the pool featured.
On hot days you have to book online to guarantee access. lidoponty. co. uk9.
The salty pool spa in Worcester County is a \"salt water town\" with too much salt, and its natural waters may compete with the sea at the Dead Sea.
The local water is 40-
Miriam is heated and diluted, so it doesn\'t taste too salty when you dive. Wychavonleisure. co. uk10.
If one thing in the music pool is better than swimming in the bright sun, it is swimming under the stars, especially when the band plays.
This is the promise of the hasserch pool in Derbyshire, where there are nights --
Time to swim with the music of the Victorian music station.
Heated pool open all year round.
In the swimming pool. co.
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